Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits to taking spring/summer classes at GVSU as a current student?

  • Catch up, stay on track, or get ahead to ensure timely graduation.
  • Make progress toward earning the $1,000 Grand Finish grant. 
  • Fulfill your General Education requirements when sections have more available seats at convenient times.
  • Two start dates let you take classes AND enjoy summer.
  • Online, hybrid, and on campus formats, plus evening and daytime classes, provide flexibility for work and other commitments.
  • Take classes for an undergraduate degree, graduate degree, professional development, or personal enrichment.
  • Taking just one or two classes allows you to focus on better grades and boosting your GPA.

What are the benefits to taking spring/summer classes at GVSU as a guest student?

  • Earn credits to transfer back to your institution as a guest student at GVSU.
  • Get a class or two out of the way and finish earlier at your institution.
  • GVSU offers a large selection of summer courses in a variety of disciplines. 
  • Transferring credits back to your institution is easy.
  • Our convenient on-campus, online, and hybrid formats make it easy to fit classes into your summer schedule.

Where and when can I find a list of spring/summer courses being offered?

Class schedules are available at beginning February 15. Current GVSU students will receive an email with their specific registration date.

When can I register for spring/summer classes?

The registration calendar is available at

Do I need to take 12 credits in the spring/summer to be full time?

To be considered a full-time student you need to be enrolled in at least 12 credits (nine credits for graduate/doctoral students).  However, to be eligible to receive financial aid, students typically only need to be enrolled half time (six credits for undergraduate students and 4.5 credits for graduate/doctoral students).  Visit the Spring/Summer Financial Aid website for additional information.

Are there online-only courses? How do I search for online-only classes?

Yes, there are online-only courses available during the spring/summer semester. To search for online-only courses specifically, you can use the “Advanced Search” function when looking at the class schedule

I’ve never taken a six-week college course. How does that work?

Six-week courses cover the same amount of material as a normal 15-week semester, just in a shorter number of days. You will spend more hours per week in class than during a regular semester as well. It is recommended that you consult with your faculty or academic advisor to determine which courses will work best for you in which time frame (regular, 12-week, or six-week semester). 

Why can’t I enroll in a class for the second six weeks when I’m taking the prerequisite during the first six weeks? 

Although it appears that there are two summer semesters, we have one semester in which we allow a majority of classes to run according to three meeting times (12 weeks, first six weeks and second six weeks). For this reason, students must have an override since the situation is similar to registering for a course and its prerequisite in the same semester.

How can I earn credit for research or an internship during the summer?

Credit for research or internships can be approved by your faculty advisor. The number of credits and necessary permits must be approved by the faculty advisor before you can register for a course. Policies vary by department so make sure you connect with your faculty advisor soon. Current students can find their advisor by using myPath in Banner.

When are official grades posted for a class completed during the first six weeks?

Spring/summer grades are official in Banner in mid-August once the whole semester ends. Students who take courses during the first six weeks can see their grades in Banner, but nothing is officially posted on a transcript until the completion of the spring/summer semester.

When I can I get a transcript showing my spring/summer grades?

Students may request a transcript from the registrar’s office after spring/summer grades are official. Please see the academic calendar.

Can I graduate in June? If I’m taking my last class in the spring/summer semester, when will my degree be official?

Degrees are awarded three times per year including at the end of the spring/summer semester. 

Is there a summer graduation ceremony?

Students who graduate in the summer are invited to participate in the winter (April) or fall (December) commencement ceremony since there is no commencement ceremony at the end of the spring/summer semester.

More information about graduation is available here.

What support services are available in the spring/summer?

What are my financial aid options in the spring/summer?

Financial aid is available for the spring/summer semester. To be considered, you must complete a brief application form which will be available in early February. More information is available on the Financial Aid website.

Are there any campus jobs in the spring/summer?

Yes!  To be eligible for an on-campus job, you must be a current GVSU student and enrolled in at least six credits for the following fall semester.  There is no credit minimum for the spring/summer semester. See the Student Employee Handbook for additional information.

Are there on campus housing options in the spring/summer? What about housing options for part of the spring/summer (first six weeks only, for example)?

Whether you need a place to stay for six weeks, or for the whole summer, housing is available at GVSU. Summer Housing will be in South E Apartments on the Allendale Campus, and Winter and Secchia Halls on the Downtown Campus. Any current resident who is living Downtown for Fall 2018/Winter 2019 will receive priority in securing placement on the Downtown Campus. To apply for On-Campus Housing, go to your myHousing Overview via myBanner and select “Apply”! You can find summer rates here.

Are there any dining options available during the spring/summer?

Yes, however, services have limited availability.  Learn more here.

Do I have to pay for a parking pass in the spring/summer?

No, there are no permits necessary for students during spring or summer sessions in student lots. Students may not park in faculty/staff spaces or lots.

Do the buses run in the spring/summer?

Route 50 buses run every 20 minutes during spring and summer semesters. In general, the spring and summers schedule runs the first day of class through the end of exam week, with the exception of Memorial Day weekend, Independence Day recess, and semester break prior to the start of the fall semester.

Routes 48, 37, and 85 do not run in the summer.

The full spring/summer bus schedule will be posted online in mid-April. Break service schedules are also available.

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