We empower students to discover their passions while building inclusive communities of belonging through experiential learning in campus programming, civic engagement, and student organizations.

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Through transformative experiences, all learners will create life-long memories, develop transferable skills, and be prepared to lead with integrity in a dynamic society.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Justice: We advocate for all students to have access to resources and equity in opportunity.

Connection & Belonging: We support students in building meaningful relationships and communities of belonging.

Discovery & Development: We inspire students to uncover meaning and purpose as they engage, learn, and grow.

Fun & Enjoyment: We design enjoyable and unforgettable GVSU traditions that instill Laker Pride.

Collaboration: We partner across campus and communities to enhance the student experience.

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The Office of Student Life aligns with the mission, visions, and values of both the Division of Student Affairs and the institution's Reach Higher 2025 priorities.

Strategic Plan #1: Amplify Student Voice

Division: Student Engagement, University: Empowered Educational Experience


Students will be primary stakeholders in their Grand Valley experience.



  • Students will show an increased ability to identify the resources that are available to them as participants of an OSL program or service.
  • Student representation in all OSL programs, services, and governance will be proportionate to the institution's academic and identity demographics.
  • Grand Valley students will be familiar with expressive activity policies and will be able to identify spaces where they can share their voice, minimizing violations of the expressive activity policies annually.


How We Measure

  •  Assessment of shared learning outcomes for programs and services that align with the unit priority of "Amplify Student Voice".
  • Student Life Survey
  • Collecting attendance/participation data and comparing student demographic information to that of the institution.
  • The number of violations of the expressive activities policy.

Strategic Plan #2: Engaged Learning

Division: Student Engagement, University: Lifetime of Learning, Empowered Educational Experience


Students will learn and develop because of their involvement in an OSL program or service.



  • All OSL programs and services will include learning outcomes for student participants and/or student leaders.
  • All functional areas within the OSL will include a learning objective centered in diversity, equity, inclusion, and/or justice.
  • All OSL programs and services assess the level of accessibility for all students to attend and/or participate.
  • Program-specific learning outcomes will be met by program participants.


How We Measure

  • Assessment of shared learning outcomes for programs and services that align with the unit priority of “Promote Engaged Learning”.'
  • Review of learning outcomes identified in pre-event planning.
  • Student Life Survey

Strategic Plan #3: Belonging

Division: Well-Being, University: A Culture of Educational Equity


Students develop a sense of belonging at Grand Valley State University.



  • Students who are engaged in OSL programs and services will be retained at a higher rate than their peers who are not engaged.
  • Students will indicate that they feel a sense of belonging as a result of their continued participation in OSL programs and services. 
  • Students will participate in OSL programs at a demographically proportionate rate.
  • 100% of Student Life Employees will complete DEI Training.


How We Measure

  • Assessment of shared learning outcomes for programs and services that align with the unit priority of “Enhance Belonging”.
  • Comparing university retention data with OSL program(s) participant retention data.
  • Student Life Survey
  • Comparing university demographic data with OSL program(s) participant demographic data.
  • Supervisors will report DEI training completion of direct reports to the Director of Student Life.


Collaboration is central to the work of the Office of Student Life. Many of our programs involve stakeholders external to the Office of Student Life, both within the GSVU community and the greater West Michigan community. We will also collaborate with our partners in Institutional Analysis for the purpose of acquiring assessment data as it relates to our metrics.

Building Capacity

More information is forthcoming.

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