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The "+" Is All About Experiential Learning

During this unique time, GVSU remains steadfast in our commitment to providing students with seamless learning opportunities, while giving them the ability to earn income and stay enrolled. While off-campus employment and internship opportunities may be limited for students – GVSU is filling a critical need by creating enhanced virtual and experiential learning opportunities through Student Employment+  jobs. 

Virtual student employment projects lend themselves to being experiential in nature as they likely include more project-based work such as improving websites, designing virtual programming, conducting research, etc. And, while we will be engaging in virtual student employment for Spring/Summer – this important experiential learning can continue in person when campus opens back up.

Since we know that intentional work can take on learning power - we are looking to design more opportunities for students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare them for both life and career. 


    Learn While You Earn

    Naturally, while the exact tasks of each position will vary, each SE+ job will allow students to:

    • work remotely (while GVSU operations are mainly off-site)
    • gain valuable skills and career-related competencies
    • explore career/occupational interests
    • learn workplace etiquette and professionalism
    • enhance their professional network

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    Facilitating the "SE+" Experience

    As part of our dedication and quality learning, we are intentionally seeking staff and faculty who are willing to hire and supervise these positions, those who are both willing and able to:

    • co-create meaningful work with students through projects
    • develop intentional learning outcomes that are tied to career development
    • engage in regular mutually beneficial communication and feedback
    • helping students reflect on how their experience relates to classroom learning and/or future career goals

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