SE+ Evaluations

Mid-Term & End of Year Evaluations

Evaluations no longer need to be submitted through the Student Employment Office. Instead we ask that SE+ students and their supervisor create three to five learning objectives for the student to accomplish throughout the semester. We recommend supervisors keep record of these objectives via email, paper document, or Google/Word document for future reference and as a way to share and collaborate with the student. These evaluations are a great way for SE+ students to gain valuable skills for the future while having their supervisor guide them through how to succeed in their field of work.


Student and supervisor meeting together

Evaluation Breakdown

SEMESTER START: Student and supervisor meet at the start of the semester to create three to five learning objectives that the student plans to accomplish by the end of the semester.

MID-SEMESTER: Student and supervisor meet again to discuss how these objectives are progressing. They collaborate to find which learning objectives are being accomplished and which ones still need improvement. 

END OF SEMESTER: Student and supervisor meet a final time to discuss whether or not the learning objectives were accomplished and what could be improved in the future. 

Page last modified September 28, 2021