Student Complaint and Concern Process



If a student has an issue or concern, the student should contact the appropriate office to seek additional information.

  • An overview of reporting incidents, including anonymous reporting, can be found on the Reporting website.
  • For academic grievances, consult the Academic Grievance Procedures in the Catalog.    (Academic grievances are generally defined as those involving procedures, policies, and grades in a course.)
  • For Title IX and institutional equity concerns (e.g. sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination), contact the Title IX office.
  • For other issues or concerns involving other students, contact the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.
  • For a concern involving a faculty or staff member that is not an academic grievance, Title IX or institutional equity concern, see the procedures below.
  • For general questions and guidance, contact the Dean of Students office or the Student Ombuds.
    • Among other responsibilities, the Dean of Students office serves as an information resource for students and campus colleagues.
    • The Student Ombuds strives to promote fairness and foster a positive campus environment by assisting students with conflict resolution and problem-solving related to their university working, learning, or living experiences.

File An Incident Report

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  • The University defines a “campus climate incident” as any instance where someone feels belittled, disrespected, or isolated based on their identity.
    • Furthermore, the incident does not have to be a crime under any federal, state, or local laws.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Lead Civil Rights Investigator & Deputy Title IX Coordinator at (616) 331-2242.

Submit a Climate Incident Report

  • Care Report  - To refer a student who may be struggling with academic, personal, or emotional difficulties or who may exhibit concerning behavior.  
    • If you have any questions, please contact Emily First, Assistant Dean of Students, at (616) 331-3585.

Submit a CARE Report

  • Hazing - To report an individual or a University Affiliated Organization for the violation of GVSU's Hazing Policy.
    • The description of GVSU's Hazing policy and more information about the student conduct process and resolution procedures can be found within the Anchor
    • A list of examples of hazing is provided by the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution. 
    • If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, at (616) 331-3585 or [email protected].

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The following procedures are for raising a concern involving a faculty or staff member that is not an academic grievance and is not under the purview of the Title IX office. Non-academic concerns may include allegations of inappropriate behavior.

  • Discussions of the Concern
    • After experiencing or learning of the incident or concern, the student should:

      • Contact the supervisor of the faculty or staff member. 
        • For a faculty member, this is the unit head/department chair of the relevant academic department. 
        • For a staff member, this may be a director, associate director, or similar role.
        • If unsure of whom to contact, the student can contact the Dean of Students office ((616) 331-3585 [email protected]) or the Student Ombuds office for assistance.
        • If you need help deciding what to do or how to have those conversations, seek out the assistance of the Student Ombuds at (616) 331-2491 or
          [email protected].
    • Communication with the supervisor can occur via e-mail, phone, Zoom, an in-person meeting, or some combination.  The supervisor is expected to respond within five working days.  The supervisor will seek to understand the nature of the concern, collect any relevant documentation, and determine whether it can be resolved informally or should be referred to a different office.  Based on the facts of the matter, the supervisor may decide to speak with the faculty or staff member about whom the student is raising the concern, and if warranted, pursue appropriate administrative action.


If student wishes to pursue further resolution of the matter, they may appeal to the appropriate appointing officer.  If it is unclear who the appointing officer is, the student can contact the Dean of Students Office or the Student Ombuds for assistance. If the supervisor is the appointing officer, then the student may appeal to the appropriate executive officer, usually a Vice President/Provost.    

A response to the student is expected within ten working days of receipt of the appeal.  The appointing officer (or executive officer) may communicate with the student about the appeal and will determine a final resolution.  There are no further appeals in this process.

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  • Student Organization Misconduct - To report a Registered Student Organization for the violation of University or Student Code policy.

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