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The Division of Student Affairs is committed to developing the knowledge and skills of each professional and graduate staff member. GVSU Student Affairs professionals strive for achieving excellence and best practices in personal competence as well as the functional areas that fall within Student Affairs. The Division of Student Affairs Training & Development Committee coordinates and delivers opportunities for professional and personal growth utilizing the NASPA Professional Competencies (see below). These competencies guide content for intentional workshops, trainings, and roundtables that enhance relationships and support the shared responsibility for a division wide focus on student success. 

The Division of Student Affairs provides both formal and informal learning opportunities for growth. Professional development plans should be regularly discussed between staff and supervisor and reflected in Performance Development Program (ePDP) annual planning documents or graduate student learning contracts.

NASPA Competencies: Personal & Ethical Foundations | Values, Philosophy, and History | Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Law, Policy, and Governance | Organizational and Human Resources | Leadership | Social Justice and Inclusion | Student Learning and Development | Technology | Advising and Supporting

For more details and descriptions, visit the NASPA Professional Competencies website.

2021-2022 DSA Training & Development Events

There are no upcoming 2021-2022 DSA Training & Development Events at this time

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2021-2022 Film Series

The Hate You Give

July 21, 2022 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Continuing the conversation, learning, and action around issues of racial justice at GVSU and beyond, the Division of Student Affairs is offering the opportunity to engage in shared viewing and...

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