Seidman College of Business Alumni Association

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  • To promote the Seidman College of Business and to support the mission statement of the Seidman College of Business.
  • To provide networking opportunities for Seidman Alumni while keeping them connected with Seidman College.
  • To provide mentorship and guidance to current Seidman students.
  • To provide assistance to the Dean of the Seidman College of Business in developing and executing strategic plans for the Seidman College.
  • To support Alumni in their quest to be leaders in the local business community.

When two or more people, associations, small businesses or Fortune 500 corporations are combined, the goal is typically to create more than the sum of its parts - add two and two together and get five. The added benefit of the combination of these multiple parts is referred to as synergy. The expectations from synergy are much maligned in business circles as an often promised, seldom achieved, result. A key ingredient in achieving synergy is the active participation of each part in working towards success of the whole. We, in the Alumni Association, are seeking to kindle (or, in many circumstances, rekindle) this key ingredient in our fellow alumni and to bring value to our fellow alumni, the School of Business and the West Michigan business community. To this end, the active participation of you, our fellow alumni, is a key ingredient in making the Alumni Association greater than the sum of its parts.

Together, by actively participating, we are establishing the Alumni Association as a provider of

  • Opportunities to support, and be supported by, your business school
  • Continuing business education
  • Information and updates on current business school activities
  • A community of which to be a part, and within which to network

As part of this process, we are defining and growing the role of the Alumni Association and its members in the West Michigan business community. To be successful in these endeavors, we need your help. We invite, request, and encourage you to

  • Attend Seidman College of Business functions such as our Breakfast Speaker series
  • Provide feedback regarding business leaders and issues in which you are interested and desire to learn more
  • Volunteer your time to organize an Alumni Association event
  • Solicit your employers to sponsor, in whole or in part, an Alumni Association event
  • Join the Alumni Association as an actively participating member

In addition, the Seidman College of Business is seeking alumni willing to participate in an assessment process required as part of the continued accreditation of the College of Business. As part of this process, the College of Business will seek opinions of its alumni with respect to issues or ideas being evaluated. This process is critical to maintaining accreditation and improving the Seidman College of Business.

To assist in communicating with its alumni, we have established an e-mail address of If you desire to respond to our invitation to actively participate in our Alumni Association, we encourage you to send your comments, suggestions, or merely your contact information via e-mail to the above address.

We look forward to working with you.