Excellence in a Discipline | 2022-23 Spotlights

Jose Velasquez Garrido

Jose Velasquez Garrido

Excellence in a Discipline | Professional Masters of Business Administration

What is your favorite Seidman memory?

My favorite Seidman memory is the MBA summer boot camp. It was a great way to get to know the members of my MBA cohort and my team members for the rest of the MBA program.

Our building namesake – Bill Seidman – exhibited many desirable traits of a leader such as innovator, integrity, curiosity and futureminded. How did your experience at Seidman help you develop one or more of these traits?

My experience at Seidman provided many opportunities to learn, practice, and grow new leadership traits. The MBA Professional Development courses helped us to understand our current leadership traits and skills, and then identify those areas where there is room for growth. Thus, driving curiosity and innovation as you start applying these new traits and skills in real world challenges.

What would you like people in the community to know about Seidman graduates like you?

Seidman graduates like me strive for excellence and utilize our leadership traits to guide and motivate other individuals to become their best version of themselves. Outside of the business environment, we are interested in helping our community to grow and become a better place for our future generations.

What is your career aspiration?

My career aspiration is to be a successful leader and an engineering project manager in the aerospace industry. I also look forward to mentoring and training other colleagues to reach their full potential.

How did your time at Seidman College prepare you to contribute to your community as a Laker for a Lifetime?

The Seidman MBA program puts an important emphasis on connections to West Michigan businesses and industries. The MBA capstone project provides us with the opportunity to apply our knowledge and experience to a business consulting project for a local business. Understanding the needs and concerns of our local businesses prepares us to contribute to our community as a Laker for a Lifetime by staying informed, getting involved, and giving back to pave the way for future generations.

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