Grand Valley State University and Winshuttle bring automation to SAP ERP higher education

January 26, 2018

Grand Valley State University and Winshuttle bring automation to SAP ERP higher education

Winshuttle is pleased to announce its software will soon be introduced in college classrooms at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan to strengthen students’ knowledge of SAP S/4HANA systems configuration and testing.

Students in the Seidman ERP program at GVSU are learning in-depth knowledge of configuring and testing enterprise systems. All of their work is currently being done manually in an SAP® ERP system. The slow, mundane nature of manually completing configuration and testing tasks like uploading data to SAP and executing transactions in SAP using data from a spreadsheet takes away from learning the concepts and techniques that are taught in the classroom. Using Winshuttle tools to automate and streamline the configuration tasks will not only allow students to focus on the concepts rather than the mechanics of the tasks, it will also help them develop and hone the skills needed to successfully build SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA systems.

“Obviously, it’s a much faster process with Winshuttle,” said Dr. Simha Magal, Director of the Seidman ERP program at GVSU. “Students are able to get up and running quicker. And once they are able to configure a basic S/4HANA system, they can extend the solution to support more complex processes.”

“We’re very excited Winshuttle is now in the hands of the next generation of SAP ERP users,” said Vikram Chalana, Co-Founder, and Chairman of Winshuttle. “Our solutions are designed to empower business users to manage their own data in SAP, and we’re thrilled to partner with GVSU to help ERP students continue innovating in the classroom.”

This curriculum will be introduced in the classroom this semester. Once the course materials stabilize, they will be shared with other universities that are part of SAP’s University Alliances program.

To learn more about how Winshuttle solutions are helping customers streamline their S/4HANA migrations, check out this customer interview with Scientific Drilling or this Imperial Logistics International case study.

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