Mission, Vision, Values


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Seidman develops business talent that advances sustainable growth in West Michigan and the Great Lakes Region.

Through the exchange and application of knowledge from global and diverse perspectives, we prepare learners to make ethically-informed decisions that positively impact the economy, environment, and society.

Our distinctiveness is grounded in strong community collaborations, applied scholarly contributions, innovative approaches to learning, and a supportive culture.


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Seidman sets the standard for business education by connecting communities through multi-dimensional learning opportunities.


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PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE: We continuously strive for the highest quality in our personal, professional, and organizational endeavors.

Our three core values are: Learning, Accountability, and Engagement.

We foster the intellectual curiosity of our Seidman, local, and global communities by:

  • Creating, expanding, and applying knowledge
  • Enhancing and encouraging critical thinking
  • Developing a global perspective
  • Sustaining a culture for the open exchange of ideas
  • Preparing learners to adapt to the future of work and society

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