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3056 L. William Seidman Center


  • Economics

  • International Finance & Trade
  • Emerging Markets
  • Financial Economics


Dr. Wei Sun, Full Professor in Economics, earned her BA in English from Beijing Foreign Studies University and her MS and PhD in Economics from the University of Kentucky. Her areas of teaching include Macroeconomics, International Economics, and Development Economics. Her research areas are mainly exchange rate and exchange rate policies in China and the U.S., optimal currency area, and monetary policies.

  • PH.D., Economics, University of Kentucky. "Three Essays on Exchange Rates and Exchange Rate Policy." (2006).
  • MS, Economics, University of Kentucky. (2003).
  • BA, English, Beijing Foreign Studies University. (1998).

Teaching Areas
  • International Economics
  • Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics
  • Development Economics

  1. “Is the Exchange Rate a Shock Absorber or a Source of Shocks? Evidence from the U.S.,” (with De, Kuhelika), Economic Modelling, forthcoming.
  2. “Real Exchange Rate, Monetary Policy, and the U.S. Economy: Evidence from a FAVAR Model,” (with De, Kuhelika), Economic Inquiry, 57(1), 552-568, 2019.
  3. “Assessing the Effect of Exchange Rate Depreciation on the U.S. Economy: Evidence from a Factor-Augmented VAR Model,” (with Kim, Gil), Journal of Economic Studies, 45(6), 1242-1271, 2018.
  4. “Knowledge Spillovers and Local Growth of Industries: A Patent Citation Approach,” (with Song, Kejun and Simons, Gerald), The American Economist, 64(1), 60-72, 2018.   
  5. “Synchronized Business Cycles and Coordinated Monetary Policies between the U.S. and China: Evidence from a Structural VAR Model,” The Chinese Economy, 50(1), 3-20, 2017.
  6. “Sources of Fluctuations in the China-US Bilateral Real Exchange Rate: Evidence from a Structural VAR Model,” Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 17(2), 81-91, 2015. 
  7. “Assessing China's Renminbi Peg to the US Dollar: the Case for Greater RMB Exchange Rate Flexibility,” (with An, Lian), Singapore Economic Review, 57(1), 18, 2012. 
  8. “Monetary Integration in East Asia: Evidence from Real Effective Exchange Rates,” (with Simons, Gerald), Review of International Economics, 19(5), 865-876, 2011.   
  9. “Dynamics of Floating Exchange Rate: How Important are Capital Flows relative to Macroeconomic Fundamentals? (with An, Lian), Journal of Economics and Finance, 35, 456-472, 2011. 
  10. “Asymmetric Shocks and the Choice of Exchange Rate Regimes in East Asia,” (with An, Lian), International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, 22, 38-48, 2008. 
  11. “Effectiveness of Sterilized Foreign Exchange Interventions: the Case of Japan,” (with An, Lian), International Journal of Economic Issues, 1(2), 165-175, 2008.   
  12. “Monetary Policy, Foreign Exchange Intervention, and the Exchange Rate: the case of Japan,” (with An, Lian), International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, 15, 271-283, 2008. 
  13. “Characterizing Exchange Rate Policy in East Asia: A Reconsideration,” (with Kim, Yoonbai and Chow, Hwee Kwan), Journal of Asian Economics, 18(3), 448-465, 2007. 



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