Heidi Jiao

Professor of Electrical Engineering, Grand Valley State University

4:30pm EST., Friday February 18th

Live at the Loosemore Auditorium

Workshop for Younger Space Enthusiasts: Solar Arrays and Spacecrafts


How do space station and spacecrafts get their electricity? There is no power cable long enough to do that. The best source of energy is the solar energy. In this activity, students will learn how solar arrays are used to convert solar energy to electricity to provide sufficient power for the space station and spacecrafts. In addition, students will work as a team to construct a solar powered spacecraft model and see it become alive under direct sunlight.

Dr. Heidi Jiao joined GVSU in 2004 after spending several years working as an engineer and researcher at Motorola, Bell Labs, and AVC Global Services. Her areas of interest include semiconductor device fabrication and characterization, nano-materials, nano-devices, fiber optics, solar electric systems, and nanotechnology education. Her recent research activities involve inorganic/organic solar cells, graphene-based devices, and self-cleaning solar panel performance.




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