Waitlist Process

Accessing Waitlists

The process to waitlist a course is very similar to the registration process. Once you log into myBanner, navigate to Student Registration Self Service and search for classes. If you find a full section you would like to register for, you will need to go through the waitlist process.

  1. Select Add to move the course into the Summary panel with the status “pending”. To waitlist the class, under Action, select Waitlisted and click Submit.
  2. You can view the waitlisted course on the Schedule and/or Schedule Details panel. This is also where you will be able to view your position on the waitlist.
  3.  If a spot on the waitlist opens and you are the next in line, you will receive an email at your GVSU student email notifying you to register.
  4. You must register for the class within 36 hours of receiving the email notification. If you miss the 36 hour window, you will be automatically dropped from the waitlist. 
  5. Once you register for the class, it will appear on your schedule.

Banner Waitlist Tutorial

Waitlist Frequently Asked Questions

No, waitlisting a course does not mean you will be guaranteed a seat in the course. However, it does help departments determine if additional sections of a course should be considered.


Yes, you will receive an email to your GVSU email account informing you that a seat has opened if you are next in line on the waitlist.


You have 36 hours to register for the waitlist from the time a seat opens.

Yes, you would need to re-add yourself to the waitlist, which means you would be moved to the end of the waitlist.

You will have 36 hours to register for a waitlisted course after you receive the notification that a spot is open for you. To register for a waitlisted course in myBanner, click on Student, Registration, Registration Self-Service, select the term, and view your summary panel. Under Action next to the waitlisted course, select "Web Registered" and click Submit. Once you click submit, the course status will change to registered. You will be able to see the course on your summary detail. 

You can view your spot on the waitlist in myBanner.

No, you will need an approved override before you can add yourself to the waitlist if you do not meet the prerequisites for the course, if the course is restricted to a certain program, or if the course requires prior approval from the department.

Yes, you can be registered for a course and add yourself to the waitlist for a different section.

Yes, you can waitlist multiple sections of the same course, even if you are already registered. Please note that only certain classes allow you to register for multiple sections in the same semester. If you are registered for one section and receive approval to add a waitlisted section, you may need to drop before you can register for the new section. 

Closed capacity overrides are for extenuating circumstances only. It is recommended that you communicate with the appropriate department if you have extenuating circumstances as to why you need to register for a specific course.

Yes, you must register yourself through myBanner. You are NOT automatically registered once a spot opens in the course.

Yes, you only have 36 hours to register for the course once a seat has opened and if you are the top priority.

No, waitlists will close at 5PM the Friday before classes begin. If a seat opens in the course after that time, it is first come first serve registration. The waitlists will no longer be in effect.

Yes, you can remove yourself from the waitlist on the registration page in myBanner. Under Action, select web drop and click submit. The course will be removed from your schedule. If you are no longer interested in the course, we encourage you to remove yourself from the waitlist so others who are interested can move up on the waitlist. 

If you received a prerequisite not met, prior approval required, field of study restriction, or another registration error, you will need to submit an override request prior to adding yourself to a waitlist. If your prerequisite (prior approval, field of study, etc.) override request is approved, you will then be able to add yourself to the waitlist. 

If you click on Student, Registration, View Registration Information, select a term, and view your schedule, it will only display registered classes. It will not display classes for which you are waitlisted.

Page last modified March 1, 2022