Guardian/Family Access FAQs

Guardian/Family Access FAQs for Proxies

The initial email you received about your new proxy account gave you a unique URL to access Guardian/Family Access with an Action Password (temporary password). If you have previously used Guardian/Family Access and set up your new password, you may continue to use the unique URL found in your original email. You may also use the following link.

Click Here to log in to Guardian/Family Access

The student which designated a proxy can log in to their myBanner account, select the proxy tab, and click the “E-mail Authorizations” icon on the “Authorization” tab to generate an email that is sent to the proxy and includes a list of the pages you are authorized to view as well as a link to login. You may also login to Guardian/Family Access here.

You can change your password by going to the Guardian/Family Access login page. Fill in your email address, leave the password field blank, and click on the "Forgot Password" button. A unique web link and Action Password will be sent to your e-mail address. You will use the action password to login and select a new password. On the Reset Password page you will use your Action Password in the field for "Old Password" and enter your desired password as the "New Password".

Your student controls who is able to access their student data and how they are able to access it. If you would like to use Guardian/Family access using a different email address you should have your student create a new proxy access for you.

You can log in to your Guardian/Family access account. There you will see the authorizations your student granted to you by clicking on the tab with your student’s name.

Your student is in control of the information which you can view through Guardian/Family access. If your access to information is not as expected, please contact your student.

Some users with "" emails have experienced issues with proxy emails. Proxy users may want to consider using an alternate email address or checking their spam folders. Many of the proxy emails have been caught by Comcast's spam filter, and we are working with Comcast to resolve this issue.

Each student is able to grant access to their student information through Guardian/Family access as they see fit. You may have been granted different access by each student for which you are a proxy.

For each student that has identified you as a proxy, there will be a tab in Guardian/Family Access with the student’s name. By clicking on the name tab, you will see the items for which that student has authorized you.

When an information item is selected, the information is displayed in a new window. Located in the top right portion of that window is the student's name.

Grand Valley State University students log in through myBanner to view their own information, designate an individual as a proxy, and authorize items for a proxy to view.

The Guardian/Family Access login page allows a proxy to login and view information a student has authorized you to see.

While in logged in to the Guardian/Family Access page, the links and tabs at the top of the page are disabled. You may select the Profile tab, or close your browser, to exit Guardian/Family Access.

Guardian/Family Access FAQs for Students

Yes. All enrolled students have the ability to set up a proxy in Guardian/Family Access. Students can set up a Guardian/Family access account using the Guardian/Family Access tab in their myBanner account.

  1. Log in to myBanner.
  2. Click on the Guardian/Family Access tab.
  3. Click Guardian/Family Access Management.
  4. Click Add Proxy and fill in the proxy’s information, then click on the “Add Proxy” button.
  5. Click Expand (proxy’s name).
  6. Select “Proxy User” from the Relationship drop down menu.
  7. Fill in an optional Description of your proxy.
  8. Start and Stop Dates are automatically populated.
  9. Click the Authorization tab and select the items you would like your proxy to be able to view. There is no SAVE button. Your selections are automatically saved.

The unique identifier for a proxy in myBanner is the email address; therefore, an email address can only be associated with one proxy.

Yes, payments can be made through Guardian/Family Access. When creating a proxy relationship in your myBanner you will need to be sure to enable "Student Account Information-Statement Summary and Detail, Deferment Plan Set up, Online Payments." in the authorizations menu.

Grand Valley State University students login through myBanner to designate an individual as a proxy and authorize items for a proxy to view.

The Guardian/Family Access login allows a proxy to view the information a student has authorized. Any GVSU student can designate a proxy and authorize them to view selected information.

The lock is displayed until you click on the designee’s name and select “Proxy User” from the relationship drop down menu.

The number of pages indicates the number of informational items you have authorized a proxy to see. Each information item is available as a webpage to your proxy.

There is no automatic notification sent when you modify items on the Authorization tab for your proxy. If you want to notify your proxy of changes in authorization, click the “E-mail Authorizations” icon on the “Authorization” tab, and it will generate an email to the proxy.

Through Guardian/Family Access a proxy is able to view the information that a student has authorized. It does not give them permission to discuss your educational records with a Grand Valley State University official; this communication is still protected under FERPA.

Guardian/Family Access allows you to set a start and end date for a proxy.

  • Login to myBanner.
  • Select the Guardian/Family Access tab.
  • Select “Guardian/Family Access Management” from the Guardian/Family Access Menu.
  • Select the name of the proxy to expand their information .
  • On the Profile tab you see the Start Date and End Date. You can modify both of these dates.

Your designated proxy will not be able to edit their start and end dates through Guardian/Family Access.

Guardian/Family access to student information can be removed in several ways:

  1. You can change the Stop Date on the “Profile” tab.
  2. You can remove all the checks on the authorization tab.
  3. You can select the “Delete Proxy Relationship” icon.

When a Grand Valley State University student logs in to myBanner and designates a proxy, the proxy and the student will automatically receive an email that includes the proxy’s login information. In addition, the student can log in to myBanner at any time and click the “E-mail Authorizations” icon on the “Authorization” tab to generate an email to a proxy that includes a list of the pages they are authorized to view in addition to a login link. Or you can log in below.

Click Here to log in to Guardian/Family Access


Page last modified December 8, 2017