Appeal after Dismissal

Academic Appeal Process Following a Dismissal from GVSU

As stated in the Grand Valley State University catalog, A dismissed student may apply for readmission after a period of one calendar year. Evidence of maturity and improved attitude toward academics and the written support of the student’s academic advisor must accompany the application for readmission. The Petition to Return form and supporting documentation must be submitted to the registrar not less than 10 days before the first day of classes for the semester of intended return. Petitions are reviewed by the Academic Review Committee on a continual basis. Approval of a petition allows the student to enroll on a conditional basis, as stipulated by the committee. The academic standing for a readmitted student will be jeopardy of dismissal. These procedures apply to students who have more recently attended Grand Valley, within five years, or students who previously attended Grand Valley, five or more years past.

The following items should be included with your appeal:

  1. Completed Petition to Return form
  2. Letter of appeal, addressed to the Academic Review Committee 
  3. A proposed academic plan for at least two semesters upon your return to GVSU
  4. Copies of any transcripts from institutions you attended since leaving GVSU
  5. Letter of support from your assigned faculty advisor or a faculty in the major you plan to pursue if you are readmitted.
  6. Submit your completed appeal packet to the Registrar's Office in 150 Student Services Building.  Make a copy for your records.

Readmission to the university is not guaranteed, and your faculty advisor has the right to decline your request for support.  Also, readmission to the university does not guarantee reinstatement of financial aid.  Please contact the financial aid office at 616-331-3234 or visit their website for more information.

Page last modified November 7, 2018