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As the winter months fade away and spring begins to blossom, the world becomes more inviting and accessible. Spring offers an ideal opportunity to focus on nurturing our social wellness, fostering connections, and enriching our lives. We get more daylight and better weather to get outdoors without the concern of slipping on the ice. The amazing thing about spring is that it's a perfect time to start tending to our connections with others. In this post,  we'll explore various ways to embrace social wellness and rejuvenate ourselves as we step into the vibrant spring season.

Step Outdoors for Social Connection

Spending time in nature not only benefits our physical health but also provides an excellent backdrop for social interaction. Whether it's a stroll with friends or an adventurous hike, the outdoors offers countless opportunities to bond while enjoying the beauty of the natural world. Research indicates that activities like walking not only improve physical health but also contribute to cognitive and mental well-being, indirectly enhancing social health as well. One study remarks that walking has  “beneficial effects on several cardiovascular disease risk factors, including body composition, blood pressure, fasting glucose and maximal oxygen consumption.” Another study recognized walking as beneficial not only for physical health but also for cognitive and mental well-being, which can indirectly contribute to social health. With numerous trails and routes available, like those listed on the Outdoor Adventures site, individuals can customize their outdoor experiences to suit their preferences and schedules.

Additionally, riding public transportation presents another avenue for social engagement. Whether alone or with a friend, hopping on a bus not only familiarizes you with the public transit system but also allows for people-watching and the potential to meet new acquaintances. GVSU students can take advantage of free bus rides with a valid ID, making it easy to explore the city and expand their social circles. Even for those hesitant to strike up conversations, simply being present in a public space helps combat isolation, offering opportunities for relaxation with headphones and a good book. Check out the bus routes and schedule

Engage in Campus Events and Clubs

GVSU provides a huge variety of events and clubs that cater to our different interests and passions. The GVSU event calendar serves as a tool for finding campus happenings. Likewise, student organizations offer avenues for connection and personal growth. LakerLink provides a directory of clubs where students can explore various interests and find communities that resonate with them. 

If you’re still not sure about these options that's okay too! Remember that our social justice centers also host different clubs and events. Our social justice centers on campus host a myriad of clubs and events focused on promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity. These centers, such as the Center for Women and Gender Equity, the LGBT Resource Center, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and the Veterans Resource Center, offer spaces for students to engage in meaningful dialogue, advocacy, and support. Here are links to their pages:

Link to the Center for Women and Gender Equity: 

Link to the LGBT Resource Center: 

Link to the Office of Multicultural Affairs: 

Link to the Veterans Resource Center: 

A lot of communities also surround Grand Valley with a lot of engagement! Try looking for different events local to you. 

Foster Social Bonds Through Hosting or Study Groups

Hosting gatherings with friends or peers provides an intimate setting for fostering social connections. Whether it's a casual game night, a DIY mocktail-making session, like the ideas on this site, or a collaborative study group, hosting offers a relaxed and affordable way to spend quality time with others. Even low-key gatherings, like sharing a potluck dinner or enjoying hot beverages, can strengthen bonds and create lasting memories.

For students lacking space or resources, campus facilities offer alternatives for hosting events and study sessions. Reserve group study rooms in the library or utilize open spaces on campus like in Kirkhof, where you can take a break by gaming.


As we embrace the spring, let us prioritize our social wellness and seize the opportunities available to us. Whether through outdoor adventures, campus engagements, or intimate gatherings, let us nurture our social connections and enrich our lives and communities. Spring symbolizes renewal and growth, making it the perfect time to March forward together toward vibrant social connections and holistic well-being.

By: Rowan, WIT Peer Educator


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