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NIARA means "one with purpose" — begin to discover your purpose today!

Join us for lively discussions that center the lives of students who identify as women of color! NIARA meetings aim to foster community among students of shared lived experiences who are seeking a sense of belonging and purpose. 

No RSVP is necessary!


Winter 2023 Dates: 

End of the Semester Bash, Thursday, April 13th 

4p - 6p, Kirkhof 1142


Audience: Students of color 

Integrative Learning (INT) 100/201 approved

Talk Back Tuesdays

Join the Center for Women and Gender Equity for a monthly Talk Back discussion series.  The Center invites speakers from across campus and in the local community to share their expertise related to topics of gender justice and other forms of intersectional gender justice.  The Center has hosted a number of leaders at Grand Valley State University as well as those in the community. 

The format of Talk Back Tuesdays varies, but typically speakers share information area related to their area of expertise followed by Q&A from attendees. It is our hope that attendees will leave feeling motivated to transform the world in which we live or will further research or investigate the topics discussed.

In the words of Palo Freire, "Human beings are not built in silence, but in word, in work, in action-reflection (2018).” It is through the dialogue of the members and leaders of our various communities working together that we fight for liberation through discussion and dialogue.

Light refreshments are served


All are welcome to attend



See you all during the Fall semester! ~♥



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