Adaptive Intramural Sports Programs

Recreation & Wellness offers a variety of adaptive sports during the year. We have 12 sport wheelchairs for events, and other equipment that is specific for adaptive sport use. Use this page for our upcoming events and to register for one today. These events are for everybody!

All upcoming adaptive sports events will be listed here. More information coming soon!

Student playing goalball at an adaptive intramural sports event
people playing wheelchair basketball

Adaptive Intramural Sports FAQ

Wheelchair sports include different sports or recreational activities played in wheelchairs. Based on the sport, specific modifications can be made to the rules of the game so to be inclusive and adaptive. 

Everyone! These events are welcome to all students, staff, faculty and community members with or without a disability of any kind. Specific future events will list the age requirement to participate. 

Wheelchair sporting events are socially inclusive opportunities for all individuals to come together to learn, have fun, and play sports. The goal is to create an accessible and accommodating environment for those with disabilities to participate in recreation on campus. Able-bodied participation is encouraged as a chance to play and learn about disability by highlighting the abilities of individuals with disabilities. One major purpose of these events is to gauge interest and thoughts from participants about future inclusive programming on campus. Events allow the Grand Valley community to come together to have fun in a space that promotes health and social inclusion through recreational activities. 

In addition to wheelchair sports, we plan to offer sitting sports, and Goalball. If you have other suggestions, please email [email protected]

Please email [email protected] with any additional questions. 

Wheelchair basketball in the Recreation Center

Page last modified May 21, 2024