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Fitness and Wellness Services is a branch of Recreation & Wellness and offers a variety of services, including Group Exercise, Personal Training, Small Group Training, Equipment Orientation, Fitness Assessments, Wellness Coaching, Health Screenings, CPR & First Aid Classes, Massage and Nutrition.

Many of these services are free or at a reduced cost for students.

Meet the Fitness Staff!

Group Exercise

Our certified instructors offer effective and safe workouts in a fun, friendly, and social atmosphere. Participants can burn calories, improve their fitness, experience the GVSU community, and manage stress in a positive way.  Our instructors are able to teach to all fitness levels, therefore, all class formats are designed to meet the needs of beginner, intermediate, and advanced participants.

Class Schedule & All Class Pass 


Students on Spin bikes in Spin Group Exercise class.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training provides the opportunity for participants to experience the benefits of working with a certified personal trainer, while completing exercises and workouts within a small group of goal-oriented individuals. This is a great option for those that are looking for an effective, high quality workout that is focused on skill development, motivation and enhanced fitness.  FREE for students

Class Schedule & Descriptions 

Small group training class Women on Weights.

UFit - FREE for Students!

  • Initial consultation with goal setting 
  • Optional postural and movement assessment
  • Equipment orientation and exercise demonstration
  • Personalized Fitness Program
  • Follow-up appointments to gauge progress, adjust goals, and modify the fitness program as you continue to improve your fitness


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Trainer assisting student in a bench press.

Personal Trainer and student working on sit ups.

Personal Training

Working with one of our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers on a regular basis will help you to maximize your workouts, and to enjoy a wide variety of benefits such as education, accountability, motivation, and direction.

Regardless of your current fitness level, or experience, our personal trainers have the expertise, knowledge, and enthusiasm to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals!


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Participant and Swim instructor in the pool on noodles practicing kicks.

Adult Swim Program

Recreation & Wellness offers Adult Swim Lessons for anyone 17 years of age and older. Individual Lessons are great for working one-on-one with an instructor and Group Lessons (Learn to Swim and Swim Skills & Techniques) allow you learn basic skills or develop existing skills in small class sizes up to 6 participants. All abilities welcome in all lessons. 


Adult Swim

Fitness & Wellness COVID-19 Safety & Guidelines

Face coverings will be required for all individuals indoors who are participating in programs and services. Please visit the GVSU Face Covering Policy.

  • Group Exercise classes will require face coverings for indoor classes. Face coverings are not required outdoors. Wearing a face covering correctly can reduce the risk of COVID-19 and are encouraged. 
  • For additional information on exercise and face coverings please visit: 
  • Classes will be modified in the first few weeks to allow individuals to adjust for training intensity, weather, and for those that wish to use face coverings during classes. 

All participants are required to complete the daily self-assessment. Proof of current self assessment will be required prior to participation. Individuals who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, will not be allowed to participate and are encouraged to follow the self-assessment guidelines. 

  • During all activity, individuals are required to maintain at least 10-feet social distancing. We ask that all participants respect this, and be mindful during classes and activities. 
  • When waiting to check-into classes and programs, please stand at least 6-feet apart from others. 
  • Classes will have limited capacities to allow for social distancing. Capacity will depend on the class format and location.  
  • Individuals are encouraged to bring their own mats for classes such as yoga. 
  • Limited or no equipment will be available
  • Any equipment used will not be shared amongst participants
  • Equipment will be cleaned with EPA approved materials. 

Indoor locations: 

  • Dance Studio: Fieldhouse 160, enter the Rec Center near welcome desk B, turn right and just pass the vending machines on the right. Look for the blue door with frosted glass windows. 
  • Instructional Fitness Studio (IFS): Recreation Center D30, enter the Rec Center near Welcome Desk A, closest to Parking Lot F. Continue down the steps to the left, then make a right U-turn at the bottom of the steps. The IFS will be straight ahead with double wood doors.
  • Weight Room: Fieldhouse B9, Enter the Rec Center near Welcome Desk B (closest to the pool, furthest from Parking Lot F), and turn right. Before you pass the vending machines, turn right into the hallway, then through the door to the stairs. Go down 2 flights of stairs, then turn right. Once you pass the racquetball courts, veer right at the fork and the door will be right there.
  • Rec Center Court 8: enter Rec Center near Welcome Desk A, turn left towards selectorized weight machines and you will see 3 courts, take the stairs to the lower level and court 8 will be on the left (enclosed MAC court)

Current outdoor locations: 

  • Outdoor Fitness Area: behind the tennis courts, between the Rec and Lubbers Stadium
  • Fields 1 & 3 : Field 1 is located adjacent to the Children's Enrichment Center, near the road. Field 3 is advance to Field 1
  • Back Four Courtyard: North end of campus by Kirkpatrick, Kistler, Siedman, Swanson
  • Fieldhouse Tent: located near parking lot C/Fieldhouse circle drive

Not all spaces will have restroom access or access to water. Please come prepared with a filled water bottle. 


  • Take your self-assessment
  • Please make sure you have RSVP'd for the class you want to attend. RSVP's can be made by accessing MindBody
    • If you are unable to attend class, please cancel your RSVP so that fellow lakers can participate! Thank you!
  • Wear your face covering if you are not vaccinated
  • Group Exercise Classes will may be held outdoors, please dress appropriately for the weather
  • Class times will be limited to 40 minutes
  • Restrooms may not be available so please come prepared
  • Bring a filled water bottle with you to class
  • Classes are all subject to cancellation. We will make best efforts to transition online classes in the event classes are cancelled due to weather.
  • Know that class intensities will be modified especially in the first few weeks. This allows for intensity adaptation, possible heat and humidity, and for those opting to wear face coverings. Face coverings will be optional only once participations are stationed and socially distanced. 

We care about our RecWell team, including our staff. Below are steps that we have taken to help reduce risks for our staff and participants. 

  • All staff are required to complete the daily self-assessment. 
  • All staff will be required to wear face coverings at all times. Exceptions are for instructors during teaching only. 
  • We are supporting remote work! Yay for virtual group ex offerings!
  • Staff are required to wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizer often when hand washing isn't possible. 
  • We are staggering our schedules to minimize overlapping of different staff.
  • All staff must complete COVID-19 Employee trainings.
  • Employees will be required to clean all equipment before and after each shift.
  • Team meeting are virtual. 
  • Engineering controls have been established for the protection of our team members. 

Recreation & Wellness is a department in the Division of Student Affairs at Grand Valley State University.