Heavy bags hanging.

Let's Hit those Heavy Bags!

Mix up your workout routine with our Heavy Bag Kickboxing! 

  • Learn the fundamentals of boxing and kickboxing
  • Learn how to properly punch, kick, and strike a heavy bag
  • Build your stamina and gain confidence
  • Strengthen and tone your arms, legs, and core with drills and high intensity movements
  • Motivating, fun, and fast paced class

Heavy Bag Kickboxing provides the opportunity for participants to experience the benefits of a great cardio workout in a dynamic environment. This is a great option for those that are looking for an effective, high quality workout with all the fun of hitting a bag! 

Group Exercise Format


Student kicking the heavy bag in a heavy bag kickboxing class

punching bag

Drop in Heavy Bag Kickboxing!

Join us for drop in Heavy Bag Kickboxing Classes! 

  • Location: Instructional Fitness Studio (inside the GVSU Recreation Center)
  • Boxing gloves available to use, hand wraps can be purchased for $7 on mindbody or at your first class. 

Two boxing gloved stacked on the floor.

Boxing Gloves & Wraps

How to Buy Hand Wraps



Hand Wrap Instructions

Boxing Glove Policies

  • GVSU RecWell agrees to provide Boxing Gloves in working condition for the duration of the Group Class session dates. 
  • 3 sizes of Boxing Gloves available 12-14oz. 14-16oz. 16-18oz. 
  • Boxing Gloves are cleaned inside and out after each use.


Boxing Gloves *General Sizing Guide



Up to 100 lbs

12 oz. 

101 - 150 lbs

12 - 14 oz. 

151 - 175 lbs

14 - 16 oz. 

Over 175 lbs 

16 - 18 oz. 

Purchasing Recommendations

If you're interested in purchasing gloves or wraps, we have some recommendations! 

Glove Recommendations: 

Handwrap Recommendations: 

  • 180in Meister Adult 180" Semi-Elastic Hand Wraps for MMA & Boxing 
    • Flexible hold 
    • can be found on Amazon in multiple fun colors! 
  • 180in Title Hand Wraps
    • Flexible - Stiff hold 
    • many colors and prints to choose from 
  • RDX Boxing Hand Wraps Inner Gloves for Punching
    • Can be found on Amazon - Great for those who don't want to manually wrap!  

Boxing gloves stacked on each other.