Student Internships

The internship is a key element of PSM programs at Grand Valley State University where students spend ~440 hours in a business, medical, or academic setting working on projects under the supervision of an on-site mentor. During their internship students work on a project(s) chosen with their mentor and are exposed to the professional workplace setting. Internship experience prepares students to excel in a workplace setting and makes them more appealing job candidates.

Internship Process

The process of finding, securing, and completing an internship takes time and creates stress, but we are here to help you! This link will guide you through that process step-by-step.

Internship Requirements

Not sure what you need to do to successfully complete your internship and remove (or avoid) that grade of incomplete? Look no further!

Past Internship Projects

Interns have worked on a wide variety of projects over the years. This link will show you posters of some of the most recent internship projects.

Recent Internship Placements

We are proud of the many community partners who participate in the PSM programs by providing students with internship experiences. This link provides a partial list of recent internship placements.

Internship Management System

Once you have secured an internship, follow the instructions on this page to get it approved.


By Program

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