Creating your own design

Here are some handy links and guides if you choose to create your own design.


GVSU logos


Download a GVSU logo

If you're promoting something GVSU affiliated, it's always a good idea to include the GVSU logo. Anyone can download a GVSU logo (in a variety of colors and file formats) from the GVSU Identity website. The GVSU logo isn't required, but it's strongly encouraged.

Student Org logos

Registered Student Organizations can create their own logo and use it freely. There isn't an approval process for logo designs you create.

GV Athletics logo

You CANNOT include the Athletics logo in your design (unless you have special permission).


You can go by Campus Posting Approval Guidelines when you're thinking about what to include in your design. These things are required on posters that are being posted around campus, and it's a good idea to include them on all your promotions.

  • Name of event, date, time, location (if poster is for an event).
  • Name of organization or department.
  • Contact information - Can be a phone number, email address, website, or social media handle. Note: QR codes do not count as contact info.

File specs & sizes

PDF: File specs & sizes 

Includes banners, posters, pluggers, and digital slides.

  • Making sure your files are the right size and format speeds up the printing process and ensures high-quality finished pieces.
  • Some files will have a .25" white margin around the edge since we can't print to the edge of the page.
  • We very rarely need trims and bleeds added to designs.

Setting up your file & exporting it for print

Depending on what program you're using to create your file, there are different ways to set up and export it. Here are some PDF guides that will walk you through how to save your file.

PDFs are always best, except we prefer PNGs for digital slides.

Page last modified November 16, 2023