The Office

The Promotions Office is made up of a handful of talented and motivated young professionals, who believe that being actively involved in the campus community (outside of the classroom) will benefit students' growth as individuals. Through our work we seek to create content which informs, educates, and inspires the GVSU community.

Our clients include offices, departments, and student organizations from across the university. We produce a wide range of promotional materials in various mediums including print, video, photo, as well as provide a handful of other services.

Our office is a department within the Division of Student Affairs.

Kirkhof center


Our office is located in the 0008 Kirkhof Suite (downstairs in Kirkhof, by the library tunnel)

Promotions Office
Grand Valley State University
1 Campus Drive
0008 Kirkhof Center
Allendale, MI 49401

The Team

Full Time Staff

First Name Last Name Pronouns Email Office Phone Title Action
Leah Erben (she/they) [email protected] 616-331-2358 Marketing Communications Manager View
Bobby Nielsen (he/him) [email protected] 616-331-2343 Creative Services & Production Manager View
Megan Wierenga (she/her) [email protected] 616-331-2341 Director of Student Affairs Marketing View

Student Staff

Isabel Dillon (she/her): Promotions Office Project Manager*

Rosa Argueta (she/her): Campus Posting Assistant
Michaela Langenbach (she/her): Campus Posting Assistant

*Indicates team lead

Irlanda Beltran (she/her): Lead Graphic Designer*
Lorina Bista (she/her): Graphic Designer
Kaylee Owens (she/her): Graphic Designer
Khoi Tran (he/him): Graphic Designer

*Indicates team lead

James Kwiatkowski (he/him): Project Manager*
Hannah Dunaway (she/her): Art Director & Assistant Project Manager
Parker Stewart: Assistant Project Manager

Chrisna Ngin (he/him): Video Editor (temp)
Alex Agbabian (he/him): Video Editor (temp)
Malcolm Kramp (he/him): Video Editor
Irene Kuperus (she/her): Video Editor
Patrice Scott (he/him): Video Editor
Chris Welmerink (he/him)Assistant Video Editor
Clayton Willis (he/him): Lead Cinematographer*
Tanner Hamilton (he/him): Cinematographer
Aidan Bunkosky (he/him): Camera Operator
Parker Stewart: Camera Operator
Morgan Weststrate (she/her): Camera Operator

Jaden Stroud: Sound Mixer

*Indicates team lead

Emma Graham (she/her): Lead Photographer*
Oscar Cramer: Photographer
Charles Groustra (he/him): Photographer
Emily Riddle (she/her): Photographer
Roberto Rojas (he/him): Photographer

*Indicates team lead

Student Life Marketing Team:
Annie Gerrity: Marketing Project Manager*
Grace Pattyn: Social Media Assistant
Autumn Faulkner (she/her): Involvement Assistant
Jacob Greig (he/him): Involvement Assistant
Jaclyn Khoo (she/her): Involvement Assistant

Student Affairs Marketing Team:
Grace Halsey (she/her): Editorial Project Manager*
Madi Reifler (she/her): Digital Marketing Staff Assistant 
Olivia Mulka (she/her): Writer
Alena Visnovsky (she/her): Writer

*Indicates team lead

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