Approval Requirements

Bring your posters in and we'll check to make sure they meet the approval requirements. If they do, we'll set the date on the stamp one month in the future and you can stamp all your posters.

If you want to check and see if your posters would be approved before printing, you can email your poster design to and we'll let you know.

If posters are hung without being stamped, they will be removed. You are not allowed to post any posters on walls, outside of classrooms, or on boards labeled "For Academic Use Only". 

If you pay the Promotions Office to post your posters, just drop them off and we'll handle the stamping.

All posters must have:

  • Name of event, date, time, location (if poster is for an event).
  • Name of organization or department.
  • Contact information - Can be a phone number, email address, or website.

Posters cannot:

  • Have any promotion or information about the sale or use of alcohol. If you are serving non-alcoholic beverages, choose words that are not associated with alcohol (Example: use “Mocktails” instead of “Cocktails”).
  • Have any inappropriate pictures (nudity, sexual content, graphic portrayals).
  • Be smaller than 1/2 an 8.5"x11" page, be larger than 11"x17", or be posted more than one per board.

Example posters

Example poster design that is approved for posting


This poster is approved because it includes all the necessary info:

  • Name of event, date, time, location
  • Name of organization or department
  • Contact information (website)

Example poster design that is not approved for posting


This poster is NOT approved.

  • No date, no time, vague location
  • Doesn't include name of organization
  • No contact information
  • Advertises alcohol