How it Works

Step 1: You submit a Service Request

Not quite ready to fill out the Service Request form? Email us first to get more info or a price quote.

Step 2: We design and/or print

We'll send it to print and email you when it's done.

A designer will respond to your request via email to discuss the details of your project.
We'll send you updated designs until you're happy with the file(s), then we’ll handle the printing.

Step 3: You pick up and pay

You come pick up your completed project.

If paying with check/credit card, you pay when you pick up.

If paying with a FOAP, we'll bill you through OnBase.

How Long it Takes

1 Week (5 business days): Print only or Design only
2 Weeks (10 business days): Design + Print and Packages
3+ Weeks (15+ business days): T-Shirts, Apparel AND Novelty items


About Timelines

We ask for 5 business days for print jobs and 10 business days for print & design. Specialty & novelty items can take up to 4 weeks.

We might get your project done early, but it all depends on how busy we are and how many staff are working! We do our best to get projects done quickly, but these timelines exist so you can plan ahead and not be caught off-guard when it ends up taking 5 days to get a banner printed.

Why does it take so long? Can't you just hit "print"?

This is a 2-part answer. First, most things we print aren’t actually printed in our office. We send the job to the Copy Center or our other vendors, and then we wait a few days for them to complete the job. Second, your project may not be started immediately. There are usually 1-8 projects in the queue ahead of yours, so it may take a couple days to get to your project. We offer a $30 Rush Fee option to bump your project to the top of the queue and have it started immediately. In the meantime, thanks for being patient while we get to your project!

$30 Rush Fee

Rush Fee Policies

We offer a $30 Rush Fee option for projects— this cuts your timeline in half (see table for rush timelines). Paying the Rush Fee doesn’t mean we can get your project done the next morning, or even the next day. We usually need at least 2 days.

  • Packages cannot ever be rushed.
  • Projects cannot be rushed during the months of August and September.
  • Rush Jobs may not always be possible due to a high volume of orders.
  • The Rush Fee must be paid before we start your project, and it cannot be paid using the Student Life Fund.

Rush Timelines

Type of Project

Normal Timeline

Rush Timeline

Design only

5 business days

2-3 business days

Print only
Does not include any design or small updates

5 business days

2-3 business days


10 business days

Packages cannot be rushed.

Design + Print

10 business days

5 business days

T-Shirts, Apparel, Novelty

20+ business days

These products cannot be rushed.


Package Policies

  • No substitutes can be made to packages, but items can be added on top of a package.
  • We can't guarantee that outside designs can be used for a package.
  • Packages can’t be rushed— please allow 10 business days for us to complete your order.


Our Design Services

Our design staff is always willing to consult with you on appropriate aesthetic decisions for your project. If your order requires an image, please provide us with an image that is large enough to be reproduced in large format.

Any outside design work must be in a workable format. We cannot accept Publisher or flat files, such as .jpg or .png files, because we cannot edit them.

If you are not satisfied with your order, please address your complaint in a way that is respectful of the work of our designers. Feel free to contact the Office Coordinator with concerns and the project can be assigned to a different designer.

Providing Your Own Files

Creating your own design? Check out the GVSU logo guidelines and approved GVSU vendors.

If your design is not laid out correctly or there are issues with the file, there may be a delay in getting your project printed.

We put together some tips for creating your own design to make things easier!


Payment Methods

We do not accept cash.

Department FOAPs

We’ll bill you through OnBase once your project is completed.

Student Life Fund*

We’ll bill Student Life once your project is completed.

*Also known as Student Senate Funding or student org funding. You must first attend a Funding Board Meeting and receive funding before starting a project.

More info about the Student Life Fund

Checks & Credit Cards

Please pay for your project once we email you an invoice.

Online credit card payments:

Make your check payable to Grand Valley State University, then drop it off or mail it to our office.

Outstanding Balances

If an organization does not pay for their project, we will be unable to complete any other project for that organization until that project is paid for. Outstanding balances will be taken to the Student Organization Review Board.

Page last modified March 7, 2023