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Honorary Naming of a Portion of a GVSU Facility Policy

SLT 2.1

  1. Policy Statement
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Policy Statement

Only in exceptional circumstances where a former member of the Grand Valley State University community has made an extraordinary, significant, positive, contribution will a portion of a facility be named for such a person. A portion of a facility may be a classroom, laboratory, conference room or similar space.


  •  Nominations must be made in writing to the appropriate Vice President. With the support of the Vice President, the nomination will be forwarded to the Executive Associate to the President. The Executive Associate to the President will bring the nomination to the Senior Leadership Team who will review and give input to the President of the University. The President of the University will make the final determination on the naming of portions of facilities.
  • A nominee will typically have been employed by Grand Valley State University for a minimum of 20 years. In special circumstances the 20-year minimum may be waived.
  • The nominee must not be employed by the University at the time of the nomination. Nominations will be accepted only after a one-year waiting period following the end of the person’s service.
  • The nomination must include specific examples of the nominee’s contributions to the University.
  • The names of portions of facilities honoring former members of the University community shall be considered permanent as long as that portion of the facility exists or its purpose has not changed or the President subsequently determines otherwise.
  • It is generally understood that entire University buildings or facilities will not be named in honor of a former member of the University community. (Please see Grand Valley State University Board of Trustees' Policies BOT 6.13.3, Naming of Buildings.)
  • Consideration for the naming of academic programs, centers, etc. will follow the same procedure as outlined above.

The President of the University will consider nominations in consultation with others at the university as appropriate. The final decision on the naming of a portion of a University facility will rest with the President of the University. The Executive Associate to the President will communicate the President’s decision to the requesting party and the appropriate Vice President.