Starting in 2017, the Faculty Handbook for regular faculty is part of the GVSU University Policies website.


The 2016-17 Faculty Handbook changes included:

  • Contents aligned with Administrative Manual and current practices.
  • Updates to University Committees, including adding an Affiliate Faculty Advisory Committee, and revising the University Assessment Committee membership.
  • Replacing the Newspaper Advisory Board with the Student Media Advisory Board.

The 2015-16 Faculty Handbook changes included:  

  • Revisions to various committees, including Academic Computing Advisory Committee name change, membership & purpose; Campus Life Committee membership; Computing Policy and Planning Committee eliminated; Faculty Facilities Planning Advisory Committee membership; Faculty Teaching & Learning Center Advisory Committee description; New Program Council membership; University Judiciary Committee name change to University Conduct Committee; Writing Skills Committee description
  • ECS Timeline for Agenda Distribution Change; 
  • Review of New Minors;
  • Course Grade Information; 
  • Curricular Review of New Programs; 
  • Faculty Activity Plans / Faculty Activity Reports (FAP / FAR)

The 2014-15 Faculty Handbook changes included:

  • Revisions to University Assessment Committee Membership
  • Change in Faculty Workload Expectations language
  • Adding Graduate Student Representation on Committees
  • Defining Quorum for standing committees
  • Revision to New Programs Council Membership
  • Adding Partner Accommodation language

The 2013-14 Faculty Handbook changes included:

  • Change in University Curriculum Committee (UCC) responsibilities and practices and responsibility for  curriculum development
  • Honors Designation in Majors and Minors
  • UCC and Faculty Salary and Budget Committee (FSBC) Collaboration
  • Restructuring of Graduate Council
  • Policy on the Establishment and Revision of AP Scores
  • Graduate Academic Policy on Reserved Course Numbers
  • Change in University Faculty Election reporting dates
  • Adjunct Faculty Title Change to Part-Time Faculty
  • Revised language on Collegiality and Faculty Mentoring

The 2012-13 Faculty Handbook changes included:        

  • Contents aligned with the Administrative Manual
  • Graduate Policies added         
  • Membership of some committees modified        
  • Addition of a Mentoring component for new faculty        
  • Changes to the Faculty Salary Adjustment Program        
  • Reordering of some sections     

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