Faculty and Staff

Where can I park?

On the Allendale Campus: Areas marked with a blue "F" or a red "S"

  • Lot A (Near Lubber's Stadium)
  • Lot B1 (Around the Ravines Center)
  • Lot C (North of the Fieldhouse)
  • Lot D1-2 (Except resident portion of D2)
  • Lot E (Behind the Fieldhouse)
  • Lot G1-3
  • Lot H1-4 (Across Campus Drive from Kirkhof Center)
  • Lot K1 (In F/S and student commuter spaces; Directly across from Performing Arts Center)
  • Lot M
  • Lot O1 (In Faculty/Staff and student commuter spaces )
  • Lot Z (Near the Campus Health Center; NOT in designated patient spaces)

On the Health Campus: Areas marked with a blue "F" or red "S"

  • Center for Health Sciences (CHS) Lot (Lower Level of the Building)
  • Raleigh J Finkelstein Hall (North of RFH)
  • 335 Michigan Shared Student Ramp (enter off of Lafayette behind CHS) (Levels B2, B1, G)

On the Pew Campus: Areas marked with a blue "F" or a red "S"

  • Butterworth Lot B
  • DeVos Lot (West of DeVos Center)
  • Eberhard Lot (West of Eberhard Center; 2-Hour Limit)
  • Front Lot (Designated Spaces Only)
  • Seward Flat Lot (North of Fulton St.)
  • Seward Ramp (South of Lake Michigan Drive)
  • Mt. Vernon Lot (South of Fulton St.)
  • Watson Lot (Not in Bicycle Factory Employee Spaces; south of Winter Hall)
  • Parking Lot on the West side of 609 Watson

Where am I not allowed to park?

  • Winter Lot (Students Only)
  • Pay-to-Park areas (Still require payment)
  • Service Vehicle Spaces
  • Residential Lots/spaces
  • Any Specially Signed spaces

Did you know...

Faculty/Staff permits are also valid in Student Commuter spaces!

In the instance you switch vehicles, please update the vehicle associated with your permit in the parking portal.


Page last modified July 21, 2022