Music, Theatre, Dance Faculty & Staff

First Name Last Name Title
Corie Auger Voice, Part-time Faculty View
Colleen Bazuin Music Department Secretary View
James Bell Associate Professor of Theatre View
Christopher Belland Guitar, Part-time Faculty View
Rachael Bergan (Gates) Voice, Visiting Faculty View
Andrew Bergeron Music General Education, Part-time Faculty View
Nate Bliton Equipment & Performance Space Technician View
Ryan Blok Dance Accompanist View
Adam Borst Laker Marching Band, Part-time Faculty View
Richard Britsch Horn, Senior Affiliate Faculty View
Melissa Brunsting Dance, Part-time Faculty View
Arthur Campbell Assistant Chair, Professor of Clarinet View
Paul Carlson Tuba & Euphonium, Assistant Professor View
Shelby Chambers Dance, Part-time Faculty View
Sookkyung Cho Piano, Associate Professor View
Justin Colwell Music General Education, Part-time Faculty View
Megan Crawford Violin, Visiting Faculty View
Gregory Crowell Organ/Music General Education, Senior Affiliate Faculty View
Jack De Boer Music General Education, Part-time Faculty View
Michael Drost Guitar, Jazz Studies, Part-time Faculty View
Henry Duitman Conductor of Symphony Orchestra, Associate Professor View
Roger Ellis Theatre, Professor View
Lisa Feurzeig Music History, Professor View
Kristi Fosdick Music, Theatre, and Dance Office Coordinator View
Tim Froncek Director of Jazz Ensembles, Affiliate Faculty View
Anna Fulton Music Theory| Assistant Professor View
Beth Gibbs Assistant Chair, Associate Professor of Music Education View
Ash Glenn Instrumental Music Education, Visiting Professor View
Patty Gordon Music Education, Part-time Faculty View
Samuel Gould Music General Education, Part-time Faculty View
Dan Graser Assistant Chair, Associate Professor of Saxophone View
Alex Hamel Dance Accompanist View
Jill Hamilton Costume Supervisor View
Brendan Hollins Opera Theatre, Part-time Faculty View
Michael Hovnanian String Bass, Part-time Faculty View
Gary June Clarinet, Part-time Faculty View
Christopher Kantner Flute, Affiliate Faculty View
Kelly Klein Dance, Part-time Faculty View
Shirley Lemon Choral, Part-time Faculty View
Karen Libman Theatre, Professor View
Pablo Mahave-Veglia Cello, Director of Early Music Ensemble, Professor View
Chris Mahlmann Equipment & Performance Space Supervisor View
Allison Manville Metz Theatre, Associate Professor View
Helen Marlais Piano, Piano Pedagogy, Professor View
Barry Martin Music General Education, Professor View
John Martin Director of Concert Band, University Band, and Athletic Bands, Associate Professor View
Gina McFadden Dance, Part-time Faculty View
Rachel Miller Dance, Part-time Faculty View
Alexander Miller Music Composition, Part-time Faculty View
Carrie Morris Coordinator for Dance Curriculum, Associate Professor of Dance View
Kyle Morse Laker Marching Band, Part-time Faculty View
Thomas Moss Accompanist View
Charles Norris Director of Varsity Men, Professor View
Cat O'Callaghan Dance Costume Designer View
Victoria Olson Bassoon, Part-time Faculty View
Danny Phipps Department Chair, Professor of Music View
Robert Redmond Music Education, Part-time Faculty View
Bill Ryan Composition, Director of New Music Ensemble, Professor View
Stephen Sanford Ballet, Part-time Faculty View
James Sawyer Music Education, Part-time Faculty View
Dale Schriemer Voice, Director of Opera Theatre, Professor View
Gregrey Secor Percussion, Part-time Faculty View
Hannah Seidel Modern Dance, Associate Professor View
Alfred Sheffield Theatre, Associate Professor View
Rebecca Sikkema Color Guard, Part-time Faculty View
Russell Staples Scene Shop Specialist View
Kathryn Stieler Voice, Professor View
Paul Swantek Viola, Music General Education, Senior Affiliate Faculty View
Kyle Thompson Guitar, Part-time Faculty View
Kevin Tutt Wind Symphony Conductor and Professor of Music View
Julianne Vanden Wyngaard Carillon, University Carillonneur, Artist-In-Residence, Visiting Faculty View
Bridgett Vanderhoof Publicity & Recruitment Coordinator View
Marlen Vavrikova Oboe, Professor View
Kimberly Veenstra Music General Education, Part-time Faculty View
Kody Wallace Coordinator of Choral Activities, Conductor of University Arts Chorale and Cantate Chamber Ensemble, Assistant Professor View
Mark Williams Associate Department Chair, Professor of Trombone View
Alex Wilson Trumpet, Assistant Professor View
Charlyn Worthem Music, Theatre, and Dance Secretary View