Music, Theatre, Dance Faculty & Staff

First Name Last Name Title
Corie Auger Voice, Part-time Faculty View
Colleen Bazuin Music Department Secretary View
James Bell Associate Professor of Theatre View
Christopher Belland Guitar, Part-time Faculty View
Rachael Bergan (Gates) Voice, Visiting Faculty View
Andrew Bergeron Music General Education, Part-time Faculty View
Nate Bliton Equipment & Performance Space Technician View
Ryan Blok Dance Accompanist View
Adam Borst Laker Marching Band, Part-time Faculty View
Richard Britsch Horn, Senior Affiliate Faculty View
Melissa Brunsting Dance, Part-time Faculty View
Robert Byrens Vocal Coach/Accompanist, Senior Affiliate Faculty View
Arthur Campbell Assistant Chair, Professor of Clarinet View
Paul Carlson Tuba & Euphonium, Assistant Professor View
Shelby Chambers Dance, Part-time Faculty View
Sookkyung Cho Piano, Assistant Professor View
Justin Colwell Music General Education, Part-time Faculty View
Megan Crawford Violin, Visiting Faculty View
Gregory Crowell Organ/Music General Education, Senior Affiliate Faculty View
Jack De Boer Music General Education, Part-time Faculty View
Michael Drost Guitar, Jazz Studies, Part-time Faculty View
Henry Duitman Conductor of Symphony Orchestra, Associate Professor View
Roger Ellis Theatre, Professor View
Lisa Feurzeig Music History, Professor View
Kristi Fosdick Music, Theatre, and Dance Office Coordinator View