Music, Theatre, Dance Faculty & Staff

First Name Last Name Title
Corie Auger Voice, Part-time Faculty View
Colleen Bazuin Music Department Secretary View
James Bell Associate Professor of Theatre View
Christopher Belland Guitar, Part-time Faculty View
Rachael Bergan (Gates) Voice, Visiting Faculty View
Andrew Bergeron Music General Education, Part-time Faculty View
Nate Bliton Equipment & Performance Space Technician View
Ryan Blok Dance Accompanist View
Adam Borst Laker Marching Band, Part-time Faculty View
Whitney Brainard Music Education, Visiting Faculty View
Richard Britsch Horn, Senior Affiliate Faculty View
Melissa Brunsting Dance, Part-time Faculty View
Robert Byrens Vocal Coach/Accompanist, Senior Affiliate Faculty View
Arthur Campbell Assistant Chair, Professor of Clarinet View
Paul Carlson Tuba & Euphonium, Assistant Professor View
Shelby Chambers Dance, Part-time Faculty View
Sookkyung Cho Piano, Assistant Professor View
Justin Colwell Music General Education, Part-time Faculty View
Megan Crawford Violin, Visiting Faculty View
Gregory Crowell Organ/Music General Education, Senior Affiliate Faculty View
Jack De Boer Music General Education, Part-time Faculty View
Michael Drost Guitar, Jazz Studies, Part-time Faculty View
Henry Duitman Conductor of Symphony Orchestra, Associate Professor View
Roger Ellis Theatre, Professor View
Michael Empson Theatre, Part-time Faculty View