Detroit Center

Detroit Center

The Detroit Center located in downtown Detroit, the historic three story brick and terra cotta building is a substantial Renaissance revival building with modern tendencies.  The GVSU Detroit Center houses classrooms for both the GV Charter Schools office & the College of Education.   It also holds the Regional offices for the Small Business Development Center and serves as a central location for Grand Valley professionals conducting business in southeast Michigan.   

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Building contains:

  • 3 Classrooms
  • 1 Computer Equipped Classroom
  • 1 Larger Event Space
  • 2 Executive Board Rooms
  • 1 Conference Room 

All events held in the Detroit Center must be academically related,
 or have a business related/community focus.   
Our staff will assist you in determining the best location for your event.

For more information on event space available - Detroit Center-Room Information
For more information on catering - Detroit Center Catering Options

The Detroit Center
163 Madison St.
Detroit, MI  48226
Phone: 616-331-6624     
Email:    Web:

Detroit Center at GVSU

Muskegon Innovation Hub

Muskegon Innovation Hub

Muskegon Innovation Hub 
The 25,000 square foot, LEED certified advanced demonstration of distributed electric generation, became fully operational in the spring of 2004.  The objective of Muskegon Innovation Hub (the Hub) is to select and demonstrate the technical viability and economic performance of renewable and alternative energy technologies.  The building contains two fully equipped laboratories and one highly functioning multi-purpose event space.

Building contains:
• 2 Labs
• 1 Multipurpose Event Space
• LEED Certified

To check room availability: Please contact Erika Van Dyke at (616)331-7053,

Muskegon Innovation Hub
200 Viridian Dr.
Muskegon, MI 49441
Phone: 616-331-7053    Web:


Muskegon Innovation Hub at GVSU

Lake Michigan Center

Lake Michigan Center

Lake Michigan Center
Lake Michigan Center (LMC), home of the Annis Water Resources Institute (AWRI). Lake Michigan Center has limited event space available to accommodate Grand Valley State University events, Annis Water Resources Institute donors, or organizations or events related to the mission of the Annis Water Resources Institute. For more information relating to this event space please see the Lake Michigan Center Reservation Contact Information.

Building Information:
Opened: 2001
Square Footage: 24,169
Named for: Lake Michigan
Building contains:  10 Research Lab Spaces
                                  16 Offices
                                   3 Conference Spaces

To check room availability: Please contact Erika Van Dyke at (616)331-7053,

Annis Water Resources Institute
Grand Valley State University
740 W. Shoreline Drive
Muskegon, MI 49441
Phone: 616-331-7053    
Email:   Web:


Lake Michigan Center at GVSU