Web EMS is an online reservation system that allows on campus organizations/departments to make their own reservations.

Please note that this is a reservation tool only. Any modifications or cancellations will need to be done by the Conference & Event Planning Office at (616)331-6620.


How to Book a Room?

Online requests are only for the specific meeting spaces at DeVos (DEV), Seidman Center (SCB), Bike Factory (BIK), Center for Health Sciences (CHS), Daniel and Pamella DeVos Center for Interprofessional Health(DCIH) and Raleigh J. Finkelstein Center (RFH). If you would like to request space in different locations please contact our Conference & Event Planning Office at
(616) 331-6620.

Creating an account for Web EMS:

Go to Web EMS

  1. Choose "Create an Account"
  2. Fill in the form
  3. You will be sent an email to confirm/verify your account before you can proceed to make a reservation.


Below is a How To for using Web EMS:

  1. Log into WebEMS
  2. Select from "My Reservation Templates" under My Home
  3. Select desired Event Space and then Book Now
    • Date: Fill in your desired date(s). 
    • Time: Fill in the time of your event. 
    • Time Zone should always be Eastern Time Zone
    • Locations: Select the building that you would like your event to be held in. Please use Add/Remove, Select all buildings and then Update Locations to view all available spaces. Select a room by clicking on the green + icon.
    • Number of Attendees: Indicate how many people will be in attendance for your event. Set-Up Type choose and then click Add Room.
    • Select Next Steps in top right corner of page.
    • Complete the following fields:
      • Event Name:
      • Event Type: GVSU Meeting Only  Note: This should be the only event type used.
      • Client - Please note you'll need to put GVSU- then department name to search your department. You may also use the search tab to the right of Client to find department. (Example: GVSU-College of Education)
        • 1st Contact: There should be a drop down to provide names in your department
        • Phone: Your number should autofill if you're in the EMS System
        • Email: Your email should autofill if you're in the EMS System
        • 2nd Contact: This is only needed if you have two (2) contacts for the event or if you would like a second party copied on correspondence with regard to this event
      • FOAP/Purchase Order is not required for GVSU Meeting Only bookings. 
      • Once all fields are filled in click Create Reservation
  • A Confirmation of your reservation will be emailed to the email of first contact and second contact if applicable.
  • You will also be given the option to add to your Outlook calendar.

Please reach out to the Conference & Event Planning Office (616)331-6620 if you have any questions.

Please note that this is a reservation booking tool only. Any modifications or cancellations to your reservation will need to be done by contacting our office. Thank you!

Page last modified October 11, 2023