Function Requirements
Room space may be tentatively reserved if there is a need to finalize additional arrangements pertinent to the event. The tentative "hold" period of time will be determined by the event coordinator and communicated to you as well as its expiration date. This period of time may be no longer than ten (10) business days and will not have any financial commitment.

The Alumni House is a smoke-free environment. Please inform your guests prior to their arrival. All receptions will conclude at 11:00pm.

Please inquire about Alumni discounts.

Food and beverage for receptions require minimum sales of $250.00. All services provided are subject to the customary six percent (6%) Michigan state sales tax.

A service charge of twenty percent (20%) is applied to all food and beverage. Published food and beverage charges are reviewed annually and all pricing is subject to change without notice.

Cancellation Policy
Notice of cancellation between the event date and nine (9) months out, will result in loss of all deposit monies.

Notice of cancellation nine (9) months or more, the client has the option of changing the date (this must be done of the day of cancellation) and transferring the deposit to the new date otherwise the client will be refunded fifty (50) percent of the pre-paid deposit.

Cancellation of your event ten (10) business days or less will result in a responsibility of 100% of room rental in addition to 50% of incurred food and beverage costs. Cancellation received less than two (2) business days from the event will result in a responsibility of 100% of all room rental food and beverage costs.

Event Space Liability
The Alumni House reserves the right to inspect and control all private functions. Liability for damages to the premises will be charged to the authorizing signature for the said event, based on actual repair or replacement cost. Special effects equipment, such as smoke, fog and pyrotechnic machines are not permitted at The Alumni House.

The affixing of anything to walls, floor, ceiling, or plants is strictly prohibited. Glitter is not to be used inside or outside the building. Candles must be contained in hurricane lamps or isolated source. Scotch tape, nails, or potentially damaging fasteners may not be used to hang materials on the walls or ceilings of the conference center. The Alumni House staff will be available to assist you with hanging banners. Decorations must be coordinated with your event planner, and must conform to all fire regulations.

Conference Services cannot assume responsibility for the damage to, or loss of, any merchandise or articles left prior to, during, or following your event.

Billing and Deposits
A security deposit of 50% of the Room Charge will be required upon confirmation of your reservation.

The security deposit will be applied to your total balance at the conclusion of your event. Full payment of your guarantee (based on the number of guests guaranteed for food and beverage services) as well as balance of room rent is due by 5 pm three (3) business days prior to the scheduled event. An invoice for guaranteed food and beverage sales will be created at that time. Final invoicing will be completed night of event, to include all prepayments, as well as any balance due on food and beverage (due to increases in guarantee), ancillary services, and bar service. Payment is to be received night of event at the close of the evening. Final charges may be applied to the following: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and personal check.

Food and Beverage Service
For our caterer and staff to be fully prepared for your event, we require a minimum number of guaranteed guests ten (10) business days prior to the date of your event.

The "final" number must be given three (3) business days prior to the date of your event. Positively no reductions in guarantee will be accepted after this. Any increases made after this deadline will be accommodated, if possible, and will be subjected to a 25% late charge based on the numbered increased.

We will charge for the number served, or the number guaranteed, whichever is greater. Food service is prepared based on this guarantee, and if no final number is given, service will be prepared based on the number given at the time of the booking. Food service prepares quantities based on guaranteed number of guests, in ample amounts to insure all guests at the event enjoy a satisfying meal. In the event you wish to delay serving time, The Alumni House cannot be responsible for the natural decline in food temperature and quality.

We are happy to accommodate special dietary, religious, or vegetarian needs. Please notify your planning coordinator when finalizing your menu.

Charges will reflect the number of meals served at the time of the event, and/or the entrees guaranteed and prepared, whichever is greater. You, as the client, will be responsible for providing nametags or place cards which will indicate the entree selection made by your guest with the guidance of your planning coordinator. In the event that place cards and/or tags are not provided, The Alumni House will not be held responsible for complications with service.

To ensure the safety and satisfaction of our guests we strictly adhere to all health department licensing and liabilities, therefore, all food will be provided by The Alumni House, and no food or beverage will be brought in or taken out.

The Alumni House offers a complete selection of beverages to complement your event. Alcohol beverage sales and services are regulated by the state of Michigan. The Conference Center, as a licensee, is responsible for administrating these regulations.

Therefore, it is the policy that no liquor, beer, or wine be brought into the center from outside sources. We will refuse service to minors under the age of twenty-one (21) and those who we feel necessary due to intoxication. If any of these actions occur, bar service may be discontinued for your event.

Additional Guidelines
The Alumni House is pleased to offer all guests of the Alumni House complimentary parking in our designated parking lots.

Flowers and wedding cakes can be delivered after 2 pm on the day of your event.

Due to limited storage, all equipment and decorations will need to be removed at the conclusion of your event.

Consult with your planning coordinator for specific details.

All entertainment must end one half hour prior to the scheduled completion time of the event, allowing for dismantling of the equipment and vacating the premises.

Equipment Rental
Special equipment is available for rental for your event. Whether you need a simple setup for a slideshow or a complete backyard tent setup, we can get you the rental equipment you need.

Chair and Tent Rental
If you plan to have a wedding ceremony or other event that will require chair and/or tent rental for outside spaces (patio, lawn, etc.) you must rent that equipment through the Alumni House event coordinator. Equipment rental through external sources is not permitted.

Please call the event coordinator for rates on tent, chair rental or other equipment.


Page last modified February 29, 2024