Research at GVSU

Recent Student Publications

  • In 2020, Dr. David Clark co-authored a joint paper with two of his REU students, Sophia Mancici and Jacob Van Hook, titled “Misére Tic-Tac-Toe on Projective Binary Steiner Triple Systems” in the American Mathematical Monthly.
  • In 2019, David Shane (GVSU math alum) published a paper titled “Toward a Nordhaus Gaddum Inequality for the Number of Dominating Sets” in Involve – a journal of Mathematics, with Dr. Lauren Keough, based on their joint work.
  • In 2019, Zachary Ash (GVSU math alum) published a paper titled “The number of maximal matchings in polyphenylene chains” in Iranian Journal of Mathematical Chemistry with Dr. Taylor Short, based on their joint work.
  • “Stirling Numbers of Sunflower Graphs” by GVSU students Jose Garcia, Jessica Longo, Matt Phad, and Page Wilson: 
  • “Fault Free Tilings” by GVSU students L Dettling and Amelia Goetzinger:

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