What are our alumni doing?

Nick Schweitzer

Nick Schweitzer

Graduation Year: ‘17

Major(s) and minor(s):  math major (SEC teaching), psychology minor

Post-grad education:


Current position: High School Mathematics Teacher

Employer:  Hamilton High School (Hamilton, MI)


The most helpful aspects of my undergraduate education in mathematics were: Staying curious and desiring to be challenged. I feel as though these were highly promoted in my undergraduate math courses, and this has significantly helped me continually strive to be the best teacher for my students. These have pushed me to understand my students better and to help them engage in productive struggle well as well as see the beauty of mathematics better.


The advice I’d offer to current undergraduate students in mathematics: Embrace productive struggle! The best learning and growth happened as I leaned into the challenge and sought to get every ounce out of it as I could. Use your resources (especially your professors!) and collaborate as often and as able. Knowing how to face adversity in a healthy way and be resilient has been such a transferrable skill I am so happy to have learned at GV.


In a typical day in my work, I: have the honor of teaching AP Calculus, Algebra 2, and Algebra 1 while also supporting our athletics program through announcing and/or keeping the scoreboard for all levels of our soccer and basketball teams.


Other thoughts/comments: I grow to be more and more thankful to have been a GVSU Math (& Math Ed!) student. So many reasons to list, but I know my students are better off because of the faculty and staff in the GVSU Math Department and how they poured into me so well. Thank you!!!

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