Recognition for Outstanding Student and Faculty Work

Note: Student names are given in italics.

State, National and International Awards

Jonathan Hodge: Dr. Hodge and student co-authors Geoff Patterson and Emily Marshall received one of the two George Pólya Awards in 2011 for their article, "Gerrymandering and Convexity" published in the College Mathematics Journal in 2010. The article was the result of the group's work during 2008 summer REU.

Two Grand Valley mathematics students performed impressively in the 2011 William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition. The competition, referred to as the “World's Toughest Math Test” by Time magazine, is an annual competition for undergraduate college students in the United States and Canada. In the 2011 exam, Todd Peterson scored 8 points and was ranked 923rd, while Tanner Swett received 20 points and was ranked 316th among 4440 participants. Tanner made it to the top 500 list, which is a standard benchmark for performance. His score was the highest score ever achieved by a Grand Valley student, despite the fact that the 2011 exam was the most difficult in recent history.

Leah Wischmeyer :Leah, one of our mathematics majors seeking elementary certification, won a Miriam Schaefer Scholarship from Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics in 2011.

Alexis Johnson: Alexis, who participated in mathematics research in the BYU REU program in Summer 2011, won an MAA Outstanding Presentation Award for her talk "Word Length in Alternate Presentations of Tompson's Group F" at the national mathematics conference MathFest 2011.

University Awards

David Austin: Dr. Austin was awarded the 2012 University Outstanding Teacher Award by the GVSU Pew FTLC. This award recognizes one outstanding teacher each year for their teaching excellence in the classroom, disciplinary expertise, and student mentoring.

Steve Schlicker: Dr. Schlicker was awarded the 2011 Distinguished Undergraduate Mentoring Award by the GVSU Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence. This award recognizes one faculty mentor for their excellence in mentoring undergraduate researchers.

State and National Grants

Steve Schlicker: Dr. Schlicker received a grant in 2011 for his project titled "The Academy of Inquiry Based Learning" from the Academy of Inquiry Based Learning.

Char Beckmann: Dr. Beckmann received a grant in 2012 for her project titled "Family Math Summer Learning Loss Mitigation Project" from the Michigan Space Grants Consortium.

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