Tish Fackler's 34 years of passion for teaching

Tish Fackler, an affiliate faculty member, came to GVSU in 1990 as a mathematics high school teacher wanting to take some additional courses to update her secondary teaching certificate. She had taken some time off to raise her three children and wanted to return the classroom. During her first semester here, Tish was asked if she would teach a section of MTH 097 (Elementary Algebra). She agreed and eighteen years later, she is still teaching courses in our department. Tish did complete her coursework to update her certificate, and her course work and teaching experiences at GVSU opened new doors through which she discovered a passion for teaching college students fundamental mathematics skills and concepts.

Tish Fackler

Tish brings thirty-four years of teaching experience to the classroom. As a teacher, she finds a lot of fulfillment in connecting with her students and presenting the material in ways that students can experience that "aha" moment, finally making sense of the material. Tish enjoys teaching a variety of classes, but her current favorite is MTH 122, College Algebra. Tish finds the content fun to teach and likes the connections students make in their course project.

When she isn't teaching, Tish works to build her ARBONNE home-based business, selling botanical health and wellness products. Tish's interest in home-based business sprouted when her children were young. She created and owned a mathematics tutoring company, hiring and overseeing the teacher-tutors as well as tutoring herself. She ran the business for three years and decided to discontinue it when her family relocated to this side of the state; the paperwork and logistics of running this business took too much time, and Tish returned to teaching.

In her free time, Tish enjoys spending time and visiting with family, especially her three grandchildren. She also loves to travel and experience different cultures. Tish spends one week of her summer in Central America and has been doing so for many years, joining her husband in mission work with the Quichua Indians. Tish firmly believes that "every person should do what they can to 'give back' to the world. Whether that takes place in Quito, Ecuador or serving on the Zeeland Board of Education or tutoring neighborhood kids, that is my passion."

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