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Special Collections

Explore collections by subject area below, or search our database for archival resource descriptions.

Abraham Lincoln, Civil War & Slavery

View the Abraham Lincoln, Civil War & Slavery collections

20th Century Wars & Veterans

View the 20th Century Wars & Veterans collections

Politics & Government

View the Politics & Government collections

Michigan & Regional History

View the Michigan & Regional History collections

Young Lords in Lincoln Park

View the Young Lords in Lincoln Park collection

Interviews & Oral Histories

View the Interviews & Oral Histories

Art & Artists

View the Art & Artists collections

Authors & Literature

View the Authors & Literature collections

Incunabula, Books & Printing

View the Incunabula, Books & Printing collections

Kaufman Interfaith Institute

View the Kaufman Interfaith Institute collections

Johnson Center for Philanthropy

View the Johnson Center for Philanthropy collections