Donating Materials

Box of WWII letters

A box of WWII correspondence.

Interested in donating physical items, books, or other artifacts to Special Collections and University Archives?

In order to ensure that Seidman House is the best repository for your materials, we encourage a consultation appointment in advance. All donors are required to complete a Deed of Gift transferring legal ownership of the materials and selecting copyright permissions.

Deed of Gift

Materials held by Special Collections & University Archives are held in secure storage and are only used under supervision or via department-approved digital platforms.
• Materials will be open for research use and may be used by Grand Valley State University in physical and digital exhibits, to promote programs and services, and teaching
• Materials may be reproduced, in limited quantities, and provided to researchers for future reference; or may be digitized, reproduced, or reformatted for preservation and access.
• Sensitive materials I/we identify at the time of donation, or that are discovered by Special Collections & Archives staff during processing, may be restricted to protect my/our privacy or that of others for a limited and clearly stated period of time.

In certain circumstances, it may be possible for a donor to have a tax deduction for the donation of a manuscript collection to a repository. Donors are encouraged to speak with their tax accountants or attorneys about this possibility. Special Collections & University Archives staff cannot give tax advice, nor are they permitted to appraise the monetary value of a collection. A list of local manuscript appraisers who can (for a fee) make monetary appraisals may be provided to the donor. It is up to the donor to arrange for and bear the cost of any such appraisal, although we will make the collection available to an appraiser hired by the donor.

For more information, or to make a donation, please contact Annie Benefiel at [email protected].

Donate to Rare Book and Collections Fund

At GVSU Libraries’ Seidman House, archivists and staff procure, preserve, and grow an extensive collection of rare books, manuscripts, artwork, digital files, and locally distinguished materials. By preserving history in a variety of formats, these collections support teaching, high-impact learning experiences, and research for GVSU faculty, staff, and students as well as enable continued learning for researchers in our West Michigan community and across the nation. A few of our notable collections include Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, veteran’s history, the history of the book and printing arts, incunabula, and Grand Rapids and Michigan history.  

The Rare Books and Collections fund exists for those who wish to financially support these rare and unique materials through the development, maintenance, and preservation of all special, distinguished, and archival collections. 

If you choose to donate directly, please choose "Rare Books & Collections" from the drop down menu. Thank you for your support!

Page last modified March 14, 2024