The following information is for faculty and staff Adobe requests. If you are a student in a class that requires and is approved for this software, contact your instructor directly.

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

Technology Acquisition processes renewal AND non-renewal information for Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (ACCS) each fiscal year in May. Failure to complete the form by the deadline will result in your subscription being canceled. If your subscription is canceled, you will need to renew at the beginning of the new fiscal year. See ACCS Overview below for a complete list of software the subscription includes. 

The cost for the renewal is $300 from July 1 through June 30. If you are looking for just Adobe Acrobat Pro license, please see the next section below. 

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Overview

To purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud Suite subscription, complete an Internal Service Delivery (ISD) in Workday using the "Creating an ISD for Purchasing from Technology Acquisition" job aid to submit the order. This subscription is not pro-rated and licenses are not transferable. 

Adobe Acrobat Pro

Technology Acquisition was informed that Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 went end-of-life and will no longer receive security patches and bug fixes. Adobe will also no longer provide technical support for those licenses. Because Adobe Acrobat Pro is not subscription-based, you pay one time until you want to upgrade or the particular version is no longer supported. If you receive a message from Adobe stating Adobe Acrobat 2017 has reached end-of-support, this means you will need to purchase the newest edition of the license if you want to keep using Adobe Acrobat Pro. 

To purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro, an Internal Service Delivery (ISD) in Workday using the "Creating an ISD for Purchasing from Technology Acquisition" job aid to submit the order. Please note: because Adobe Acrobat Pro is name and email specific, it can take between 5-7 business to receive your license notification from Adobe. Adobe Acrobat Pro licenses are not transferrable.  

Adobe Acrobat Pro Instructions for Faculty and Staff

Adobe number for customer care for Pro License only: (800) 443-8158. This number is not used for Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (ACCS) issues. 


If you see any of the following messages, follow steps 1 and 2 below: 

  • Your license has expired.
  • Your free 7-day trial is up.
  • Your account is no longer active.
  1. First un-install ALL Adobe products from your computer
  2. Reinstall Adobe Acrobat using the instructions you received from Adobe when you first purchased the license

If you are having issues with your license after purchase, please contact IT Services.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a free global standard for reliably viewing, printing, and sharing PDF’s.  This is loaded on to all GVSU computers.

PDF reader | Adobe Acrobat Reader

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