GVSU Zoom Business Plan


All active GVSU employees with an @gvsu.edu account are eligible to use the Zoom Business license. 

Note that student employees need to setup their Zoom account under their student @mail.gvsu.edu account as all GVSU Zoom accounts have the exact same features. 

Zoom Setup Guide - Fac/Staff Macintosh Computers

Zoom Setup Guide - Fac/Staff Windows Computers

Zoom Setup Guide - Personal Device

How to Set Up Zoom in Blackboard Course


All current term enrolled students and student organizations with an @mail.gvsu.edu account are eligible to use the Zoom Business license. 

The Zoom app is located on all GVSU lab computers.

Instructions for Getting Setup under GVSU's Zoom Account

Consolidating Current Zoom Account

Download Zoom App - Personal Windows Computer

Download Zoom App - Personal Macintosh Computer

Logging into a GVSU Zoom Meeting

Faculty and staff requiring features that are not included in the Zoom Business Plan, must provide funding as well as request approval by the GVSU Zoom administrator, contact gvsuzoom@gvsu.edu.

Any prior @gvsu.edu or @mail.gvsu.edu Zoom accounts will have the opportunity to switch to the GVSU Zoom license. During the setup, the instructions will ask if you want to switch to the main GVSU account or enter a personal email address to keep the account separate from GVSU.

Zoom Troubleshooting Tips

How to tell if you are on the GVSU Zoom account

Zoom client is not working with GVSU credentials

  • Go to https://gvsu-edu.zoom.us and select Sign In.
  • Sign in with your GVSU credentials.
  • This should convert from your original Zoom account over to the GVSU Zoom account.
  • If you receive an error message, please email gvsuzoom@gvsu.edu for assistance in converting your account to GVSU's Zoom license.

Zoom Security & Updates

  • Zoom Security
  • Waiting Room: 
    • Users who are not part of GVSU's Zoom account will go into the meeting waiting room. 
  • Guests: 
    • Guests will now be identified in meetings and webinars. 
  • Updates:
    • Users are responsible for updating to the latest Zoom release on their own. GVSU does not automatically update the Zoom app for them. Click for detailed instructions.
  • Cloud Storage:
    • The university cloud storage maximum is 18 TB. An email alert will be sent to the account owner when storage goes over 79%. 

More Zoom Updates

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