Tourism Management

In 2019, the U.S. Travel Industry generated at total of $2.6 trillion in economic output, and supported a total of 15.8 million American jobs. 4 out of 5 domestic trips taken are for leisure purposes (80%), and direct spending on leisure travel by domestic and international travelers totaled $792.4 billion in 2019. 

2019 U.S. Travel Industry Impact

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Employment Opportunities

Convention & Visitors Bureaus Manager
Cruise Management
Destination Management or Marketing
Local Government
Outdoor and Adventure Travel
Tour Operations/Entrepreneurs
Tourist Information Center Manager
Travel Agent/Manager

Tourism Management Faculty:

Patty Janes, Associate Professor

Patty Janes, Professor

HTM 375 - Hospitality Research | HTM 452 - Hospitality & Tourism Marketing

Dr. Janes' Profile

Robert Robins, Affiliate Professor

Robert Robins, Senior Affiliate Professor

HTM 213 - Introduction to Food & Beverage Management | HTM 250 - Food Production & Kitchen Management | HTM 268 - Adventure Tourism | HTM 333 - Hospitality Facilities Management

Mr. Robins' Profile

A. Scott Rood, Assistant Professor and Assistant Department Chair

A. Scott Rood, Assistant Professor

HTM 235 - Tourism & Commercial Recreation Systems

Mr. Rood's Profile

Michael Scantlebury, Associate Professor

Michael Scantlebury, Associate Professor

HTM 101 - Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism | HTM 202 - International Tourism | HTM 375 - Hospitality and Tourism Research

Dr. Scantlebury's Profile

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