HTM Faculty & Staff

Full-Time Faculty & Staff (click on name to view profile)

Allison Adams, Assistant Professor (FBM)

Joy Hecht, Department Coordinator

Dr. Kristen Jack, CHA, CTA, Assistant Professor (MEM, Intro to HTM)

Dr. Patty Janes, Professor (HTM Marketing and Research)

Dr. Mohammed Lefrid, Assistant Professor (FBM)

John Lipford, J.D., Affiliate Professor (Hospitality Law, HR Management, TOM (Cannabis and Geo))

Robert Robins, CCM, CHE, C.A.R.E., CTA, Senior Affiliate Professor (ATM, FBM)

A. Scott Rood, Assistant Professor & Department Chair (RLM)

Dr. Michael Scantlebury, CTA Associate Professor (HTM Research, Intro to HTM, TOM)

Dr. Mike Sciarini, Professor (LOM, HTM Capstone, HR Management)

Amanda Stansbie, Internship Coordinator

Victoria A. Stubbs, CTA Department Secretary

Dr. Lorie A. Tuma, CPRP Assistant Professor (MEM, RLM, Intro to HTM)

Gail Zemmol, Affiliate Professor (MEM, HR Management, FBM)

Duane Zuber, CHA, CHIA, Affiliate Professor (LOM, Hospitality Info Analysis)

Current Adjunct Faculty (click on name to view profile)

No HTM adjunct faculty will be teaching during the Fall 2020 semester.

The abbreviations listed next to each faculty member's name above indicates which concentration area they instruct in. For detailed career concentration information, please click on the links below.

FBM - Food and Beverage Management | LOM - Lodging Management | MEM - Meeting and Event Management
RLM - Recreation and Leisure Management | TOM - Tourism Management | ATM - Adventure Tourism Minor