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Michigan Cares for Tourism

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Michigan Cares for Tourism (MC4T) is a 100% volunteer, 100% giveback partnership between Michigan tourism organizations where we come together to help restore Michigan’s historic attractions, learn about a Michigan tourism destination, and network across our industry segments to ultimately enhance the visitor experience, and be more involved professionals.

HTM Faculty Contact:
Patty Janes - Profile

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Heartside Gleaning Initiative

Heartside Gleaning Initiative

An increased intake of fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, high blood pressure and some cancers. With a goal of improving health and quality of life, Heartside Gleaning Initiative (HGI) increases access to fresh fruits and vegetables, raises awareness about the importance of eating them, and increases knowledge about how to prepare them.

HTM Faculty Contact:
Lisa Sisson (Retired)

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HTM Students raise $1700 from the Grand Rapids Coffee Crawl

HTM Students at GR Coffee Crawl

With the collaboration of GRNow and HTM 495 (Capstone) students, the first-ever Grand Rapids (GR) Coffee Crawl was held April 7 & 8, 2017.  The GR Coffee Crawl raised $1700 in funds and awareness for the Heartside Gleaning Initiative.  Here are a few quotes from CJ DeVries from GRNow regarding the collaboration with HTM students.

I AM BEYOND impressed with this HTM group! GRNow WILL be working with GVSU HTM Department and Lisa Sisson again.
If I had the staffing needs, I would hire any of these ladies in an instant.  The team work and organization were top notch.


Mlive Article

HTM Faculty Contact:
Lisa Sisson (Retired)

HTM Students Attend Cannes International Film Festival

Cannes International Film Festival

The Cannes International Film Festival culminates the theoretical concepts taught in our special topics course which allows students to thoroughly understand the festival and events industry, the complexity of designing, delivering, and evaluation of such experiences, and the application of the festival/events model.

HTM Faculty Contact:
Lorie Tuma - Profile

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HTM Students at Laughfest

HTM Students Assisting with Laughfest

HTM students put academic theory to practice when assisting with Laughfest while enrolled in HTM 323-Festival and Special Events Management.
Read more about HTM 323

A Different Kind of Swagger
by Pasha Shipp, Communications Graduate Assistant, Office for Community Engagement

HTM Faculty Contact:
Gail Zemmol - Profile

HTM Students Assisting with Heartside Gleaning

HTM Students assist with Heartside Gleaning

HTM students are actively engaged in community-based learning projects, like the Heartside Gleaning Initiative, where they building relationships with community members and community partners, and learn how to implement the skills they obtain in their Hospitality and Tourism Management courses.
Read more about community-based learning projects

HTM Faculty Contact:
Lisa Sisson (Retired)

Maritime Heritage Project

Maritime Heritage Project

This interdisciplinary project is a collaborative effort involving the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management and the Department of Archeology at Grand Valley State University. The purpose of this project is to undertake research which supports education connected with Maritime Heritage. This is done by exploring underwater shipwreck sites in the Great Lakes and inland lakes.

HTM Faculty Contact:
Dr. Mark Gleason (former HTM Assistant Professor)

Journal of Tourism Insights

Journal of Tourism Insights Logo

The Journal of Tourism Insights, an electronic journal, is the official referred publication of the “Resort and Commercial Recreation Association”, and hosted by GVSU ScholarWorks. Its purpose is to promote applied research in the commercial recreation, event and travel industries that will educate practitioners, educators, and students on relevant issues that enable organizations to be more effective and efficient.

HTM Faculty Contact:
A. Scott Rood - Profile

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