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Hospitality and Tourism Management Minor

Why Pursue a Minor in HTM?

Hospitality and tourism management (HTM) is a dynamic sector of the service industry encompassing a variety of careers including lodging, recreation, leisure, club management, resort operations, travel, tourism, and event management. You can complement your major with a minor in HTM. A minor will expand your career opportunities while allowing you to customize a plan centered on a functional interest or an industry area relevant to your major. 

Cannabis Operations Management Minor, Certificate, and Badge

Event Sustainability Operations Minor, Certificate, and Badge

Event Sustainability Operations will help those interested in gaining a wider understanding of the role sustainability principles and practices play when planning, conducting, and evaluating events. 

Cannabis Operations will give students a greater holistic understanding of the retail, non-profit, and governmental aspects of this developing industry. 

Adventure Tourism prepares experts to help develop, direct, and promote adventure experiences with businesses, governments, organizations, and communities. 

Adventure Tourism Management Minor

Benefits of certificates and badges

  • Broaden your skillset
  • Improve your performance
  • Bolster your resume
  • Stay current in your professional field
  • Demonstrate competency in marketable skills

Food and Beverage Service Undergraduate Badge

A certificate is awarded after completing a shorter program that concentrates on a specific field of expertise rather than an entire course of study. Badges allow a record of achievement that recognizes a student's completion of a coherent and meaningful academic experience. All badges are digital credentials and credit-bearing badges are also posted to the academic transcript.

The badge and certificate are available for both degree seeking and non-degree seeking individuals.

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