Food and Beverage Service Digital Badge

The HTM badge in food and beverage service provides you with the knowledge and skills to work responsibly and productively in the food and beverage industry.

For more information about the Food and Beverage Digital Badge, please contact Dr. Kristy Jack, HTM Program Director, at [email protected].

This program is online, except  for an HTM 250 lab session held once per week. The digital badge is comprised of three courses, a total of ten (10) credits:

  • HTM 201 - Good Food Gone Bad: Food Safety for Everyone
  • HTM 213 - Introduction to Food and Beverage Management
  • HTM 250 - Food Production and Kitchen Management
Place setting at a fine dining restaurant
Female chef cutting onions on a cutting board

Why Study Food and Beverage Service at Grand Valley?

  • Identify strategies to provide superior service to guests.
  • Apply best practices in food safety.
  • Develop procedures for proper ordering, receiving, storing, and issuing of food and supplies.
  • Apply standard equipment purchasing and layout principles.
  • Calculate and apply food and beverage cost and revenue control systems.
  • Explain basic nutritional issues associated with food production, preparation, and consumption.
  • Demonstrate how various ingredients react to different forms of cookery.
  • Explain food safety regulations, regulatory agencies, and inspection processes.
  • Explain licensing issues related to food and beverage management.
  • Develop a labor schedule.
Red wine being poured into a wine glass at a restaurant

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