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To get answers to Frequently Asked Questions, information on SMART goals, the Workflow & Timeline Chart, instructional videos and more, check out the resources below!  

Helpful Resources & Training Materials

The electronic Performance Development Program (ePDP) is a communication program for staff members and supervisors to help them understand their roles, continue to learn, and participate in the improvement of Grand Valley State University. The program is completed annually via a multi-stage electronic process that includes an automatic flow of forms between staff and supervisor. The program starts with an Annual Planning document and is completed with a Final Assessment that reflects performance over the past year. For Administrative/Professional Staff, evaluations are also a basis for merit increases in salary.

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We understand the ePDP system is slower than usual and plan to replace the system next year.  This year we are offering an optional alternative to the online ePDP system. 

Helpful Resources

     Training Central  - View for supervisors to see the GVSU training your staff member has completed.
     Frequently Asked Questions about the ePDP
     Ratings Scale
     Supervisor's Guide:  Performance Improvement Plan
     Performance Improvement Plan Form
     University Competencies     
     Workflow and Timeline Chart
     SMART Goals - How to Write     

ePDP Training Material

  Understanding the Fundamentals
     Creating goals and identifying job responsibilities
     Understanding Self Assessment and the final stages of the ePDP
     Understanding Supervisor Assessment and the final stages of the ePDP

  Using the System
     Annual Planning (completed by Staff)
     Annual Planning Approval (completed by Supervisor)
     Staff Only - Self Assessment through Complete    
     Supervisor/Staff - Self Assessment through Complete    

Probationary Evaluation Forms

     MGS/PSS Staff
          2 Month MGS/PSS Staff Evaluation
          4 Month MGS/PSS Staff Evaluation
          6 Month MGS/PSS Staff Evaluation

          3 Month DPS Evaluation
          6 Month DPS Evaluation
          9 Month DPS Evaluation
        12 Month DPS Evaluation

12 Month AP Staff Evaluation