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Common Questions About the Alternative ePDP Form

Reviews for AP staff, including meeting with the staff members, are due by April 17.

2020 PSS Performance Review

Reviews for PSS staff, including meeting with the staff members, are due by May 31.

2020-2021 Annual Planning Form

The electronic Performance Development Program (ePDP) is a communication program for staff members and supervisors to help them understand their roles, continue to learn, and participate in the improvement of Grand Valley State University. The program is completed annually. The program begins with an Annual Planning document and is completed with a Final Assessment that reflects performance over the past year. For Administrative/Professional Staff, evaluations are also a basis for merit increases in salary.

NEW IN 2020! For the 2019-2020 review cycle, supervisors of Professional Support Staff have the option of using an alternate form. If a PSS employee has already started the ePDP, they are not required to switch to the new form and can continue with the ePDP process.  For 2019-2020, all AP staff will continue to utilize the ePDP evaluation either electronically or using the Alternative ePDP Form. 

Passwords with special characters:  You will NOT be able to login to ePDP if your network password contains any of the following special characters:  Comma (,), Plus (+), Quote (“), Backslash (\), Less Than (<), Greater Than (>), Semicolon (;), Hashtag (#), Equal (=), Space ( ).  You will need to reset your network password so it doesn't contain any of these characters.

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Form Q&A

Yes. Due to some issues with PDF's backwards compatibility/accessibility in general, we are (temporarily) exclusively utilizing Microsoft Word's form function instead of a PDF. 

No. Unlike Adobe Acrobat Pro, everyone within the university should have access to Microsoft Word. There is no need to convert the file format of the Word document. Simply fill it out, save it, and send it in its original file state. 

With Microsoft Word forms, thankfully the grey shading is just so you know where to input text. When you send it to print, the shading outlines will disappear. 

Some have asked various questions about the text input formatting of the document. 

  • If your paragraph text goes between two pages, that is perfectly okay! OnBase will still capture all of it.
  • There is no text entry limit!

If you have any further questions or concerns about the form, please reach out to HR Intern at:

Downloading/Completing a File Digitally *PLEASE READ*

Web browser previews of PDF documents are fillable, but you CANNOT use traditional methods of downloading, if you want any text input to save. Please see information below.

  • If You Have Adobe Acrobat: Please open the fillable PDF form by right-clicking on the link and selecting "Open with Adobe Acrobat." Edit and save the file as usual. 
  • If you DO NOT have Adobe Acrobat: you can still input text in a web browser preview, but there are some key things to know concerning saving the information:
    • If opening PDF in Chrome: Fill out form first, and when you are ready to export, hit the print icon in the top right, and choose "Save as PDF" for the printer.
    • If opening PDF in Safari: Fill out form first, and when you are ready to export, hit "file," in the top navigation bar and then "Export as PDF."