An aerial photo of North Campus housing and Kleiner on a Fall Day

Campus housing evolves with changing student populations

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Grand Valley’s campus has changed a lot over the last 60 years. One of the most notable evolutions is campus housing options. 

You may have heard of the first three residential buildings on campus: Copeland, Kistler and Robinson living centers. Since their debut, the campus population has more than quadrupled. 

In 1963, 225 students came to campus to take classes. Last fall, GVSU welcomed more than 5,200 students who were moving into their on-campus rooms. Today, the university offers 10 different living styles on the Allendale and Pew campuses. Our tour of campus housing begins below.

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Black and white photo showing Robinson, Copeland built and Kistler under construciton

Aerial view of Robinson (left) and Copeland (center) living centers, and Kistler under construction, ca. 1970. (University Archives)

A vintage photo showing the exterior of Copeland

James M. Copeland House, now Copeland Living Center, in the 1960s. (University Archives)

An archive photo of Copeland from across Little Mac, there are no other buildings around

A 1970s photo of the Robinson, Copeland and Kistler living centers looking across Little Mac Bridge. (University Archives)

Contemporary photo of students sitting at a round table on the back side of the Traditional Housing buildings, by the ravine

Students sitting outside the traditional housing buildings, 2017. (Amanda Pitts)

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An archive photo of the Ravines Apartments and parking lot in the Winter

Ravine Apartments in winter from across the parking lot, 1980s. (University Archives)

A contemporary aerial photo of the area that the Ravines used to be. One building remains and the rest is parking lot.

Aerial view of the Ravines Center parking lot shown in 2022. (Amanda Pitts)

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Two students talk in their dorm room. A kitchenette is in the background.

North C Living Center room, 2019 (Mitch Ranger)

Interior hallway and kitchenette is shown with doorways to a bathroom and bedroom

Johnson Living Center, 2017. (Mitch Ranger)

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Vintage photo showing the exterior of Hoobler

Maple Living Center, formerly Hoobler Living Center, circa 1980s/90s. (University Archives)

Exterior photo of Oak Living Center

The exterior of Oak Living Center.

Students and families move into Kirkpatrick living center

Students and Families move in to Kirkpatrick Living Center, 2021. (Valerie Hendrickson)

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Aerial photo of Laker Village apartments in the fall

Aerial view of Laker Village Apartments, 2015. (Amanda Pitts)

A contemporary image of a woman running through Laker Village

Laker Village Apartments, 2020. (Valerie Hendrickson)

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Aerial of Calder arts center and living center in the fall

Calder Fine Arts Living and Learning Center, 2015. (Amanda Pitts)

Exterior contemporary photo of calder living center

Calder Fine Arts Center, 2019. (Sarah Anderson)

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Exterior photo of a South Campus apartment

South Campus Apartments, 2016. (Valerie Hendrickson)

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A contemporary image of Winter Hall and Secchia on the downtown campus

Winter and Secchia Halls, 2021 (Amanda Pitts)

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A drone image of Holton-Hooker

Holton-Hooker Learning and Living Center, 2017. (Brad Scott)

Students play guitar and talk in a holton-hooker dorm room

Holton-Hooker Learning and Living Center, 2017 (Mitch Ranger)

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