Knowledge is Power

Amber McIntosh, ’21, remembers that day in March vividly. She was sitting in a classroom at Holton-Hooker Learning and Living Center for a meeting. While she was listening to the speaker, fear and anxiety crept in. Amber began to wonder what would happen next, as she thought to herself, “Am I going to have to leave Grand Valley?”

With the sudden shift and change in the school year, Amber found herself left without a job and unable to know how to pay for technology expenses for her classes.

After contacting the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office, she learned about the Student Support Fund – a fund that helps students who experience an unusual or extreme financial event that could keep them from completing the final requirements to obtain their degree. The Student Support fund gave Amber the financial flexibility to pay for her classes and bills, which allowed her to continue her education at Grand Valley. 

“I want to give thanks to donors that give to this fund to help students like me excel to the greatest extent; I just want to say thank you and continue to keep donating because you’re helping future lives.”

Amber is studying Political Science and minoring in African American studies. Her goal after graduation is to work in primary and/or secondary education, and to ensure policy through education administration. 

“I think education is important because I believe that knowledge is power and the power of learning is truly amazing,” says Amber.

Amber credits Grand Valley for preparing her for her future and hopes to one day give back to support future Lakers.

“To be in a position to bless other people is the biggest blessing in the world,” Amber says.