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Midterm and Final Grading Guidelines – College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

A Deadline That Matters

Grades, both mid-term and final, are due by noon on the designated dates as established by the Registrar.

Impacts of Missing Grades:

Deans’ List Eligibility – students are required to have 12 “grade-able” credits with a 3.50 or better to earn a spot on the deans’ list for a given semester. This report is run once – soon after grades are posted. Missing grades could cause a student to be ineligible for this honor. Grades submitted late, even if they raise the semester GPA to 3.50 or above, will not change this.

Academic Standing – students whose status is Probation or Jeopardy of Dismissal are dependent on final grades to potentially raise their overall GPA to 2.00 or above (good standing) or lower their cumulative GPA and could cause dismissal from the university.

  • Missing grades, even if they will positively impact the GPA once they are posted, will not “un-dismiss” a student. Once dismissed, all future courses are dropped from the student’s record. These students are required to appeal to the university for readmission through the established Academic Appeal Process. This takes time and could negatively impact the student's ability to enroll for future semesters.
  • If the missing grade is low and causes a late dismissal from the university, future courses will be dropped and the student will have unnecessarily been given a false expectation of continued enrollment.

Financial Aid Eligibility – students are required to complete a specific percentage of their enrolled courses each semester to be eligible for future semesters of aid. Missing grades are considered “incomplete” courses and could negatively affect the student’s ability to receive aid for the upcoming semester. This report is run once – late submission of grades may not be included and students will need to appeal to the Financial Aid Office if these missing/incomplete grades make the student ineligible for financial aid.

Grading FAQ’s


Page last modified April 17, 2017